Choux Cafe – 23 Dec 2011

Cuisine: French, patisserie
Location: Swanbourne, short walk from train station

I have a more recent food review of Choux Cafe here.

Leading up to the Christmas break, things certainly start winding down. Today was just a half day so I’d joined several colleagues for lunch at Emporio Bar & Cafe which we thought was shutting down for some renovations. However, this wasn’t the case much to the delight of a few of the colleagues given it’s a regular haunt. I had a rather large plate of cheesy bacon wedges which were delicious with aioli, BBQ sauce, and sour cream also provided.

However, a half day also gave me the opportunity to finally make a visit to Choux Cafe which is a long way from where I live. Fortunately, it’s not far from the Swanbourne train station. Having seen Emmanuel Mollois on several cooking shows, notably, Poh’s Kitchen on ABC,  I was looking forward to visiting his shop. After a 20 minute ride from Perth and a short stroll along Saladin Street after crossing the bridge, Choux Cafe is the first place you see once you reach the end of the road.

Choux Cafe - Various

Choux Cafe – Various

There were several patrons seated in the cafe enjoying a late lunch. The windows were thrown open and the fresh sea-breeze and sun were allowed to enter. The display cabinet was nearly empty but there were enough pastries left to choose and one eclair left which I managed to snaffle.

I chose a selection of pastries and a slice of quiche as shown in the pictures (sorry, the contents didn’t survive the trip back home too well):

Clockwise from top (can’t remember the names of each pastry so bear with me)

  • Coffee creme brulee – nice hint of coffee flavour, slightly crunchy and caramelised centre with soft creme
  • Coffee eclair – soft pastry with a stronger coffee centre and delicious coffee custard centre
  • Chocolate tart – slight crunchy and firm crust encasing a chocolate fudge layer, chocolate mousse layer, and then topped with chocolate of high cocoa concentrate. The slight bitterness of the chocolate on top helped to offset the slight richness of the fudge layer and the slight hint of alcohol in the mousse rounded out the flavours.
  • Almond & fruit tartelette – lovely fresh and slightly tart berries upon the soft almond and coconut filling encased in delicious pastry
  • Creme patisserie – lovely soft creme patisserie filling in between the flaky pastry layers
  • Blueberry slice – really enjoyed the blueberry slice which wasn’t too sweet or tart
  • (below) Four cheese quiche – an absolute standout! Considering it contained four cheeses, it wasn’t at all rich. Very deceiving and extremely well put together with the right quantity and selection of cheeses balancing the flavours perfectly. The quiche contains blue cheese (which I don’t like but enjoyed in this meal) which provided a sourness and helped to cut through the richness of the other two cheeses. I think ricotta was another cheese providing a fluffy lightness in between the sourness of the blue cheese and the richer cheeses. This is a really smart dish.
Choux Cafe - Quiche

Choux Cafe – Quiche

Choux Cafe is not just a cafe to drop in and enjoy a savoury or sweet treat. They also offer catering; various savoury items such as quiches, baguettes, pies, soups, pate; fresh breads and similar type pastries such croissant; logs; macaroons; and biscuits. All items are handmade such as breads, mayonnaise, tapenade, pesto, crème patissière. You can see the amount of care and attention that goes into everything that is made. If you’re a fan of Emmanuel Mollois, he also has a cookbook available at Dymocks – “et voila” and probably has written a few more since.

Choux Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: The pastry in all items were delicious. Light and soft. While the pastries were enjoyable, I felt they didn’t quite hit the mark of other pastries I have eaten at other patisseries. I particularly enjoyed the blueberry slice and the quiche was an absolute standout. I could have easily kept on easting more. One slice just wasn’t enough.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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