Greenhouse – 7 Dec 2011

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD

I have a more recent food review of Greenhouse.

I last visited Greenhouse last year on Christmas Eve for breakfast. This time around, I was catching up with ex-colleagues for lunch so I was keen to try something from their lunch menu. I had made a booking beforehand which was fortunate given the place was packed and plenty of people were also going upstairs too. After having a look at the menu and nearly being swayed by the lunch time specials, I decided for something daring – crumbed pig’s head & trotter, crab kim chee. Yes, certainly out there but I thought what the heck, I’m game to try something new. My ex-colleagues didn’t exactly share the same enthusiasm. After chatting, our meals were brought out within a short time.

I didn’t know what to expect but was thinking half the face of the pig on a plate or something to that effect. I conjured up the image of what my dish might look like based upon the famous half roast pig’s head dish served up to the judges on the first season of MasterChef by the villain, Chris Badenoch, who liked cooking nose to tail and beer to ale. The judges were wowed and they loved it. My dish, on the other hand, was quite surprising. It was 4 open pockets presented on a warm salad on a thin rectangular plate. You wouldn’t know what the meal was if it was put in front of you, just that you can’t wait to tuck in. I cut into it tentalively hoping that I wouldn’t feel like vomitting and took my first bite. I really loved the crunchy crumb of the outside and the filling had an intenseness to it. I’m not sure if there was a herb mix a bit like the falafel balls I ate at The Prophet Lebanese Cafe but it resembled something akin to that. The filling contained bacon, tender pork meat that had quite a different flavour to the usual pork, cabbage and all kinds of other ingredients. It was really tasty! Honest. The pockets atop the salad started to warm it up and it had a freshness to it plus a kick. There was a fair amount of chilli in the dressing and reminded me of the green papaya salad I ate in Singapore. The salad and whatever ingredients went into the filling of those pockets was absolutely delicious and worked extremely well in terms of the contrasting flavours and texture. A really surprising dish that blew me away and I left satisfied and impressed. I could easily down another plate of that. I just need to wait for my lips to stop zinging from the chilli. Fortunately water is at hand and it was topped up by the waitstaff.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: An adventurous menu selection today, trying crumbed pigs head and trotters. Wow! I really loved it and would certainly recommend you try it. The flavours of the crumbed pocket is delicious and the texture of the crunchy crumbing delicious. The soft pork meat is something to be savoured and has a unique, soft taste. The warm salad is just as delicious and contains quite a subtle chilli kick. The salad is the perfect complement to the dish where a certain freshness and softness in flavour is needed to counteract the slightly intense filling of the pockets. I loved my meal and left satisfied and full.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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