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Jus Burgers - Pommy Burger

A Review Of Perth’s Gourmet Burger Bars

Without design, after starting with a visit at Grill’d, I’ve been informed of several gourmet burger bars in Perth that I should try and have gone about visiting many of them. Below, I’ve prepared a comparison table ranking the best burger eateries I’ve recently visited over the past few months […]

Bilbys Chargrilled Burgers - Metro Burger and Chips

Bilby’s Chargrilled Burgers – 21 Dec 2012

Bilby’s offers a solid burger offering with a delicious bun filled with seeds and a tasty beef patty with “gourmet” ingredients like feta and sundried tomato pesto. The feta provides a salty kick but is kept in moderation while the pesto provides a moistness in the burger. It’s amply filled with salad and other ingredients and will leave you full and satisfied. The chips are quite standard and I did eat them at the end so they had gone a little soggy but they were nice. I did get some crisp ones but I thought they could have been crisper overall and needed a little more salt. With quite a range to choose from, Bilby’s offers tasty burgers at excellent prices.

Pancakes At Carillon - Hot 'n' Troppo

Pancakes At The Carillon – 20 Dec 2012

After returning to one of my favourite restaurants, the venue’s interior may have changed but not the delicious food on offer. They make sweet or savoury pancakes a delight to eat with excellent flavour combinations and balance from the ingredients chosen. The French themed Tabriz was another example of deliciousness with a lovely red wine flavour shining through the tender beef mince and sweetness from the tomato sauce balancing the richness of the dish. The tangy garden salad provides a balance from the protein and I like the dressing which livens up the salad. The Hot ‘n’ Troppo is delightful with lovely fluffy pancakes with a slight salty flavour, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce providing more deliciousness, and then the richness and crunch of the walnuts offset by the soft and slightly sweet bananas. Absolutely yum!

Lawleys - Display Cabinet

Lawley’s Bakery Cafe – Mt Lawley – 19 Dec 2012

Lawley’s is a bakery and not a patisserie. Despite that, they still offer up delicious pastries. I wouldn’t rate the pastry itself as good as Choux Cafe or Scents of Taste but the fillings and flavours of each pastry work well. I really loved the chocolate tart which is easily the best I’ve eaten. You expect a strong dark chocolate flavour but it has a milk chocolate flavour instead and it melts in your mouth like chocolate heaven! The raspberry tart and the eclairs were also very enjoyable. I also like the pumpkin and spinach quiche which had a perfect balance of flavours. From all the patisserie like establishments I’ve visited, Lawleys are also the cheapest with a bill under $29 whereas I’d normally pay ~$35.

Bistro Felix - Bitter Chocolate Cake

Bistro Felix – 18 Dec 2012

Walking into the neat and carefully presented restaurant with dim lighting creates a lovely atmosphere to enjoy a quiet dinner. The service was professional, efficient and excellent. On the food front, however, it disappointed. While the meals are expensive, the 2 or 3 course options are good value. My duck was enjoyable with the sweet and acidic flavour of the cabbage, but when the side of creamy soft mash with delicious seasoning of herbs steals the show from the star of the dish, you know they haven’t executed the dish as well as intended. It was a very underwhelming dish lacking any punch with the exception of the potato. I didn’t detect any pancetta or oxtail unless I missed it. I liked the cabbage but it’s sweetness became a bit intense towards the end of the meal. The small bite of my friend’s steak was disappointing – lacking flavour, seasoning, taste and was chewy. One expects better from a fine dining type establishment. On the dessert front, the small taste I had of the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake was heaven! Stunning dessert with excellent texture, melt in your mouth goodness and flavour. My bitter chocolate cake possessed a strong and intense denseness and brooding dark chocolate flavour. It’s a great way to finish off a meal but a smaller quantity is required for the strong in your face flavour. It becomes a struggle to finish off. All in all a lovely night, but a disappointing dinner which drained the hip pocket including the surcharge on the credit card. Not the best representation of French cuisine.

Stones Pizza - Buttered Fun Guy

Stones Pizza – 6 Dec 2012

It helps when you’re hungry and the food is tasty as you really savour and relish the flavours. The wholemeal pizza bases are light, thin, floppy and tasty, yet you wouldn’t think they’re wholemeal. I enjoyed the unique flavour combinations of the carefully put together pizza’s. The standout for me was the butter infused flavour within those mushrooms with the hint of garlic on the “Buttered Fun Guy”. I also throughly enjoyed the “Devine Lamb” pizza with tender lamb pieces in an excellent oregano and mint marinade. I really enjoyed the pizza’s which were a little different to what I’ve eaten previously.

The Angry Moose Burger

The Angry Moose – 4 Dec 2012

I enjoyed The Angry Moose Burger in it’s entirety but felt let down by what could have been. If they had only cooked the beef patty longer instead of the very pink inside patty, it would have carried so much more flavour along with a little more seasoning. The beef from the local butcher is tasty and so too the local bakery’s ciabatta rolls. Good chips and all at quite a reasonable price. A solid offering but a not in the league of V Burger Bar, Jus Burgers, The Burger Bistro, or Flipside Burger Bar.

V Burger Bar - Chicken Deluxe

V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 28 Nov 2012

Oh I enjoyed all the burgers and am still split as to which one was the best. I liked the chips and onions rings but could be packed with more of their main ingredient – potato and onion. They also could be a little less oily. In terms of the burgers, there are a few key points to take away from the delicious burgers at V Burger Bar:

They look quite ordinary but are anything but.
The serving looks decent but the ingredients pack a punch.
Despite having 3 single quarters from 3 burgers (plus chips and onion rings), they make for a very filling meal.
The ingredients don’t look anything out of the ordinary you would find in a burger yet are somehow different to all the burgers I’ve eaten before.
The ingredients just work together and are carefully selected to ensure the flavours complement each other.
The burgers are just delicious.
And how about those delicious buns? Fantastic.

No one area dominates, there’s an even spread in deliciousness. A new contender for number one spot which I think they’ve taken out. Now which one of the 3 burgers would occupy top spot?