Corica Pastries - 27 Jan 2012

Corrica's Pastries - Various #1

I didn’t care for a few of the pastries but the others were delicious. The standouts were the coffee eclair, canoli, horns, and puff. And yes I like the Italian custard and no, I didn’t eat this all myself, I did share, and it was consumed in 3 separate sittings over the course of a few days. . . . → Read More: Corica Pastries – 27 Jan 2012

Hong Kong BBQ - 27 Jan 2012

Hong Kong BBQ House is pricier than your typical Asian restaurant but the generous serves, quality, and delicious taste of the food is what you expect. Hong Kong BBQ House does not disappoint. We took a lot of food home after eating plenty so you won’t go hungry as the serves are generous. . . . → Read More: Hong Kong BBQ House – 27 Jan 2012

Tom's Kitchen - 23 Jan 2012

I enjoyed my rabbit linguine and was more than satisfied and full. The linguine was soft and smothered in a lovely rich, creamy, moist sauce. The rabbit was lovely but needed a bit more salt. An ideal setting for a breezy afternoon lunch. Better than a cafe but with quality akin to a fine dining restaurant. . . . → Read More: Tom’s Kitchen – 23 Jan 2012

Jun's Japanese - 19 Jan 2012

I throughly enjoyed my meal and loved the oh so delicious crunchy pieces of succulent chicken. Fantastic! A little more pricier at $11.80 (by a few bucks) than Taka’s Kitchen but I can’t complain. Don’t be off put by the interior, the food speaks for itself. . . . → Read More: Jun’s Japanese – 19 Jan 2012

Cafe Nocello - 15 Jan 2012

I enjoyed the simplicity of the wood fired pizza. It didn’t have much of a smoky coal flavour to the pizza base though but the toppings were ample and simple and allowed the flavours to shine through. The gelato is actually that of Il Gelato, the supplier of delicious gelato where I’ve eaten some of their delights at their Perth location. I was a bit stunned to get charged $9 for a scoop though. . . . → Read More: Cafe Nocello – 15 Jan 2012

Arirang - 5 Jan 2012

An enjoyable meal, a mini banquet. Lots of variety and I can see why the honey chicken soy is a favourite on the menu. You won’t leave feeling hungry and there is enough variety to keep your taste-buds interested. I was a bit concerned at how long our meals took to reach us. All in all a nice modern clean setting to have some simple Korean food that is quite tasty and won’t hurt the back pocket. . . . → Read More: Arirang – 5 Jan 2012