Arirang – 5 Jan 2012

Cuisine: Korean
Location: Perth CBD, Barrack St

Well the last time I came here I was so engrossed in conversation that I glossed over what I ate and wasn’t able to accurately convey my true eating experience to you. On my second visit here, I made a more conscience decision to take note of what I was eating without losing focus on conversation. Arirang is a Korean restaurant that has a range of meals from lunch specials to dinner to banquets and desserts. Implanted in the tables are gas burners where you can actually choose your own ingredients and cook your own food, if you wish. Hence the “BBQ” in Korean BBQ.

Today, I went with the honey chicken and rice set. The “set”, for a few dollars more, is an optional extra with your meal that comes with a few other little mini dishes or condiments. This comprises of kimchi – a Korean icon of fermented cabbage in a chilli sauce; pickled cucumbers; bean sprouts in a light dressing; and a few other things. The menu at the restaurant describes what each of these Korean condiments are in more detail which is more accurate than my top of the head recollection.

Our meals took some time to come out but that allowed for plenty of conversation. The place was quite full with patrons in the modern interior. I notice several Asian restaurants appear to be going towards a smart modern interior which is understated but not over the top. Other Asian restaurants in the past were not places where you particularly wanted to step foot in.

When my dish finally arrived, I was presented with a tray with the “set”; bowl of steamed rice; miso soup; and the honey soy chicken wings. My lunch companion went with the chilli chicken and rice set which certainly had a chilli bite! (We swapped a small portion of meals to have a quick taste). With knife and fork in hand, I tackled the various components on my tray. The chicken wings make it a bit cumbersome with cutlery but I persevered in the art of good table manners (fingers would have been soo much easier!). Lovely flavours of the honey and soy coated the chicken wings and vegetables. Even after quite a period of time as I neared the end of my meal, there was still a slight crunch to the light batter surrounding the chicken. The flavours aren’t too overpowering nor sweet, but just right. I liked the miso soup and the steamed rice goes well with everything but it would be good if there were more sauce with the meal to coat the plain blandish steamed rice. The condiments of the set were nice but some were a bit unusual and we were unsure of what exactly we were eating.

Arirang Food Review Summary

Verdict: An enjoyable meal, a mini banquet. Lots of variety and I can see why the honey chicken soy is a favourite on the menu. You won’t leave feeling hungry and there is enough variety to keep your taste-buds interested. I was a bit concerned at how long our meals took to reach us. All in all a nice modern clean setting to have some simple Korean food that is quite tasty and won’t hurt the back pocket.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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