Corica Pastries – 27 Jan 2012

Cuisine: Italian, patisserie
Location: Northbridge, short stroll from CAT stop, corner Lake and Aberdeen Streets

Corica Pastries Various Patisserie Items

From Clockwise: Slice, canoli, puff, horns, eclair

More of Corica Pastries Various Patisserie Items

From Clockwise: Coffee eclair, almond type pastry, Amour

I haven’t been here for more than 4 years and as I walked in I remembered the familiar surrounds. At first, an empty display cabinet greeted me which left me alarmed and disappointed. However, looking to the right was another display cabinet choc full of pastries. The pastries here are a very different style in comparison to what I’ve eaten at Choux Cafe; Jean Pierre Sancho; Scents of Taste; and Le Croissant Du Moulin. The aforementioned are typically French and their style of pastries are light buttery pastries with various types of fillings which don’t centre around custard as such. It’s a bit hard to compare the offerings of Corica’s with the other French patisseries, but after ordering a selection and taking one bite into their pastries at home, I remembered why I rated this as the one of the best patisseries.

This is what I ordered:

  • Slice – can’t really describe this well but it’s like 3 thin shortbreads with a thin mocha cream filling but I didn’t taste any mocha flavour despite the label mentioning mocha. Tasted OK.
  • Canoli – soft shell with delicious custard. One of the best canoli’s I’ve eaten.
  • Puff – filled with Italian custard and is so delicious. A chocolate covered puff is available too.
  • Horns – a different pastry texture and taste with a delicious custard filling.
  • Eclair – a bit unusual compared to the typical eclair, this is filled with ground dates and no chocolate. It’s not bad but not what I was expecting.
  • Coffee eclair – unlike the other eclair, this is like the typical eclair with a really delicious coffee flavoured custard which has enough coffee flavour without being too overpowering. Topped with a coffee chocolate, this is the best coffee eclair I’ve had simply because the custard didn’t have a hint of coffee but something with an actual distinguishable coffee flavour.
  • Can’t remember the name but it’s an almond type pastry. It tasted a bit unusual.
  • Amour – a bit like the Slice, had a shortbread like consistency with an apricot syrup on top. Better than the Slice but still OK.

Corica Pastries are well famed for their apple strudel which is sold as a log. Someone at work brought this in and I was all over it and loved every bite. Light and airy, soft flaky pastry and soft apples. Absolutely yum!

Corica Pastries Food Review Summary

Verdict: I didn’t care for a few of the pastries but the others were delicious. The standouts were the coffee eclair, canoli, horns, and puff. And yes I like the Italian custard and no, I didn’t eat this all myself, I did share, and it was consumed in 3 separate sittings over the course of a few days.
Price: Bargain, around $3 each
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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