Hong Kong BBQ House – 27 Jan 2012

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Northbridge

Given Australia Day fell on a Thursday, Friday was a good day to take off from work and instead go out for lunch to Hong Kong BBQ House. For a Friday lunch, the place was nearly at capacity which says something about the popularity, quality, and taste of the food served here. The interior is modern and smart but relaxed where you can still enjoy a quiet meal.

Service was excellent throughout the course of our lunch with attentive staff ensuring we were well looked after. For some reason they do not serve tap water but there is bottled water and other drinks to choose from. Fresh Chinese tea (free of charge) is immediately brought out once you take a seat. There is quite an array of meals to choose from and some specialties too that you won’t see at other Chinese restaurants. From our last visit, we decided to try some new dishes apart from the amazing fried rice and crispy chicken in vinegar:

  • Small serve of roast combination platter – this came with BBQ pork (lovely dark red colouring around the delicious slightly sweetish pork); roast duck (delicious crispy skin and succulent tasty duck); and roast pork (delicious salty crunchy fat atop the tender tasty roast pork). The dish also comes with 3 dipping sauces: chilli oil (this has a bite but is amazing); plum sauce (for the duck); and a ginger sauce (which has an intense ginger flavour).
  • Jelly fish with boneless duck feet – I wanted to try something out there and Hong Kong BBQ certainly offers such dishes. I’ve never tried either so I got enough support to order the dish. I’m not too sure how to explain the taste but it didn’t particularly have any flavour nor carry any flavour. I think the duck feet which are a bit like eating rubbery skin doesn’t have much taste and the jelly fish is like soft cabbage with a jelly like consistency but firmer. There was a yellowish sauce but I think the main ingredients themselves don’t have much flavour and so the sauce doesn’t get absorbed. This dish is served cold but it’s not something I’d order again (no fault of the chef, just not to my taste).
  • Minced beef rice with XO sauce (not on the menu) – had this last time and it was delicious. So delicious we were definitely not leaving without securing another serve as a takeaway order! The rice is so soft and delicious, light and flavoursome. The minced beef just melts in your mouth. You just have to try it to understand the experience. I think this is the best fried rice I’ve tasted in Perth.
  • Pork ribs with salt and chilli – I absolutely loved this. Lightly battered around small pieces of pork spare ribs (all flesh no ribs), the slightly salty flavour upon the batter and chilli just make this a taste sensation. A more than generous serving.
  • Crispy chicken with vinegar sauce – another favourite from our last visit. Crispy skin as per the name of the dish with soft tender chicken in a slightly acidic but not overpowering vinegar sauce. Make sure this is eaten quickly and the skin stays face up so it doesn’t go soggy from the sauce.
  • Clay pot salted fish diced chicken and bean curd – something a bit different but unique and delicious. The sauce is like that of a chow mein, encompassing bean curd, as tender as you can get pieces of chicken, and small bits of salted fish which give a different dimension to the dish. Soft mushrooms float about too. The texture is smooth and a contrast to the other dishes but still flavoursome. There wasn’t much fish in the dish which was disappointing as I got one small piece of slaty fish that was intense but then exploded in my mouth with an amazing flavour burst that complemented the flavours of the dish.
  • Steamed rice
  • Sago with watermelon – shared amongst the lunch party, delicious, cooling, refreshing dessert and a great way to round out the meal.

Hong Kong BBQ House Food Review Summary

Verdict: Hong Kong BBQ House is pricier than your typical Asian restaurant but the generous serves, quality, and delicious taste of the food is what you expect. Hong Kong BBQ House does not disappoint. We took a lot of food home after eating plenty so you won’t go hungry as the serves are generous.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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