Tom’s Kitchen – 23 Jan 2012

Cuisine: Modern European
Location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane

Our team welcomed a new member today so that meant we must have a welcome lunch. After a few ideas of restaurants to go we settled on Tom’s Kitchen in Shafto Lane. I’ve gone down Shafto Lane a number of times as has any lunch time goer to find something special to take your fancy. Tom’s Kitchen took over the site from the defunct Organica Cafe which has got to be one of the poorest places I’ve eaten at in my opinion and hence it rightly shut down. I was curious to try this place out and have heard good things.

It was quite a pleasant day so taking a seat outside, but undercover, was more than suitable. The restaurant caters to the al fresco dining offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did have a quick look at the menu on Tom’s Kitchen website to have an idea beforehand (must be prepared) but I was surprised to see several items missing. So take note as always, what is on the online menu at a restaurant may not always be on the actual menu you receive in the restaurant. Nonetheless, our waitress recited the two specials of the day in brief which had me won and so I changed my menu choice.

I opted for the rabbit linguine special which was a decent serving that didn’t look all that large at first but turned out to be quite filling in the end. The linguine was very soft and moist and was covered in plenty of the thin, rich, creamy sauce but it wasn’t cheesy. It was a textual delight. There was a reasonable amount of rabbit which is the first time I’ve eaten it like this. The first time I ate rabbit was in the form of meatballs at Melbourne’s ever popular Spanish restaurant – Movida. The rabbit was slightly pinkish and pale and tasted much like chicken. The meal was delicious but had a slight sour flavour and required more salt. Maybe a small salad with some acidity would complement and round out what was a lovely creation. It was tasty, but lacked that punch to take it to the next level.

Desserts are available and they do fresh juices which were enjoyed by a few members of our party. I noticed on the way out there were chocolate truffles in a display cabinet which I was tempted on getting but a bit too full to indulge in.

Tom’s Kitchen Food Review Summary

Verdict: I enjoyed my rabbit linguine and was more than satisfied and full. The linguine was soft and smothered in a lovely rich, creamy, moist sauce. The rabbit was lovely but needed a bit more salt. An ideal setting for a breezy afternoon lunch. Better than a cafe but with quality akin to a fine dining restaurant.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Good
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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