Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nagoya Japanese Restaurant – 28 Feb 2012

If you’re in the mood for Japanese and you’re in East Perth, head down to Nagoya for dine in or takeaway. They have a range of dishes to choose from and the place seems popular as there was a steady stream of people coming and going and taking tables to enjoy their lunch. I enjoyed my chicken karaage bento and was filling. A cheap eat that is still tasty.

Rigby’s Bar & Bistro – 24 Feb 2012

I had a seafood platter on my last visit which was enjoyable so I thought I’d try something that would allow Rigby’s to show what kind of food they can put up by trying the lamb shank. Lovely tender meat with a delicious gravy but the intenseness of the red wine detracted from the flavour and the garlic mash seemed unusual in texture and a bit different in taste. I was still hungry after finishing me meal even though I wasn’t that hungry before starting so another lamb shank and/or more mash would be desirable.

Picture of churros - Spanish donuts dusted with icing and served with rich, thick, chocolate sauce

Chocolateria San Churro Northbridge – 15 Feb 2012

Lovely Spanish doughnuts, although, tasted a bit different to what I remember them. Nonetheless, they went down nicely with all the delicious chocolate sauce. A bit pricey at $7.95 though, is the perfect serving size. A chocolate lover’s dream! Just watch out that you don’t spill any chocolate sauce over yourself.

Maurizio Restaurant – 10 Feb 2012

Well for a fine dining establishment serving Italian food, I was completely satisfied on all fronts. Such delicious meals, variety, combinations of ingredients, flavours, superb service, generosity, and value for money. I really enjoyed my experience but would prefer to leave on a slightly less full stomach but I didn’t want to offend the owner! Bring an appetite.