Jun's Japanese - 2 Feb 2012

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Hay St near Barrack St, down an alleyway (don’t be alarmed!)

After my last visit to Jun’s Japanese where I feasted on the chicken katsu, I had to come back to try some of their other dishes. I’d gone a short time after 12pm and down the alley, through the doors and down the stairs. The place wasn’t too busy as yet. After grabbing a table and looking through the menu, I only now realised there’s just 4 offerings – teriyaki chicken, chicken katsu, chicken karaage, and the last dish escapes my memory. There’s also a couple of daily specials which were a seafood sashimi which was tempting, but I opted for the other special, deep fried pork. The dinner menu is much more extensive.

The pork dish is kind of a Japanese version of schnitzel. My version came with 6 pieces of well crumbed tender pork, a bowl of steamed rice, a bowl of salad, a bowl of miso soup, shredded cabbage, a blob of hot English mustard, a small dish of a sweetish teriyaki type sauce, and a small dish of pickled chinese cabbage. Yes, you can’t complain about there being a lack of variety or generosity. The pork was simple but adding a squeeze of lemon, a smudge of hot English mustard, a dipping of the teriyaki sauce and into my mouth, it actually tasted quite delicious! A lot of different flavours hitting the palate but they all went together. Not sure if I was supposed to eat it that way but I did and it tasted great that way. I enjoyed the meal and managed to finish it all which left me really full. It wasn’t as enjoyable as last times chicken katsu, but a solid dish nonetheless.

Note: take away available but unusually it costs 50c extra.

Jun’s Japanese Food Review Summary

Verdict: For $12,80, you can’t get a more generous meal with so much variety. Each component is lovely in itself and the combination of a squeeze of lemon, hot English mustard, dipping of Terriyaki and the crunchy tender pork went down well.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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