Rigby’s Bar & Bistro – 24 Feb 2012

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD

I’d last visited Rigby’s Bar & Bistro in Nov 2008. Today, Rigby’s Bar & Bistro played host as an offsite venue for our away day where we listened to presentations in the upstairs room and then came downstairs to the dining area for lunch. We’d pre-ordered our meals so upon sitting down to a modest interior that certainly needs a breath of fresh air, our meals were brought out. Fortunately, I wasn’t last to be served as has been the case so many times before so I dove in to my lunch.

I was presented with a well sized plate with one lamb shank (not sure why the menu says lamb shanks – ‘s’ means more than one) atop of a smooth garlic mash surrounded by a rich dark onion gravy. The lamb shank was slow cooked and marinated in red wine, garlic and rosemary. The lamb was certainly tender with the slightest hint of garlic and rosemary contributing to the flavour but not easily identifiable. What was identifiable was the red wine which left that strong slightly bitter red wine flavour. I didn’t care for the intenseness of the red wine flavour but the lamb was tasty otherwise. The garlic mash left me rather puzzled. It was certainly smooth and creamy but had a gooeyish texture that is not associated with any mash I’ve eaten – out of a packet maybe?!?. I didn’t get the garlic flavour, more chives. There was something odd about it but I can’t place my finger upon it. It tasted quite unlike garlic mash but was above average. The dish required a larger serving of the mash. The onion gravy was superb and the highlight of the meal. Lovely rich consistency with lots of flavour. Very tasty. All up, an OK meal but didn’t wow and wasn’t particularly filling. The lamb shank had a fair amount of meat but one shank wasn’t enough. Wished I could have had some chips.

Rigby’s Bar & Bistro Food Review Summary

Verdict: I had a seafood platter on my last visit which was enjoyable so I thought I’d try something that would allow Rigby’s to show what kind of food they can put up by trying the lamb shank. Lovely tender meat with a delicious gravy but the intenseness of the red wine detracted from the flavour and the garlic mash seemed unusual in texture and a bit different in taste. I was still hungry after finishing me meal even though I wasn’t that hungry before starting so another lamb shank and/or more mash would be desirable.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Good
Recommendation: Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again

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    • Shaun Post author

      I didn’t see the sign but I don’t think it made much of a difference. The food was OK but there are plenty of establishments serving pub grub type food like Rigby’s which are far better in taste and value. Hope it improves. Do you get the feeling that such places must think that as long as people have knocked back a few beers they won’t notice the so so food being served up like Lucky Shag?

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