Tak Chee House – 2 Feb 2012

Cuisine: Asian
Location: Northbridge, William Street

I have a more recent food review of Tak Chee House here.

I was catching up with a friend for dinner and decided to catch a bus into Northbridge for a visit to Tak Chee House. When I got there, I realised it was opposite S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe. There are a number of South East Asian type restaurants in this part of Northbridge which I haven’t visited. Tak Chee House specialise in chicken rice. My dad is a big fan of Hainan chicken which I’ve tried a portion of but not thought much of. Well today, was my chance to try something different.

We ordered:

  • Half a steamed chicken – which we then asked to be mixed so a quarter was steamed and the other quarter was steamed and then lightly deep fried – referred to as “roasted”.
  • Chicken rice – of course, must try their specialty
  • Seafood bean sprouts with salted fish

Quite a large serving of steamed chicken was presented to us. It didn’t look like a half or it came from one very large chicken. I took a few pieces with the soy sauce broth and the chicken was so moist, succulent and flavoursome. I was really impressed at how the flavours of the tasty broth had penetrated all the way into the chunks of flesh. The roasted chicken had skin but didn’t taste too much different from the steamed version. Just as tasty. The chicken also came with bowls of chicken broth which was like having a light soup and was enjoyable. I also enjoyed the chicken rice too. Eating the rice, you can tell the chicken broth has added so much flavour which is absorbed by the rice. The other highlight was the seafood bean sprouts dish. A delicious sauce added flavour and the crunchy, salty bits of small fish added a flavour explosion and texture contrast to the soft calamari and bean sprouts. I really enjoyed the dishes we ordered and was very full that I had to cancel my dessert order.

Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really enjoyed the steamed chicken which was moist, succulent and full of flavour. The chicken rice and broth were enjoyable too. I loved the been sprouts and the crispy bits of the salted fish. All that for $19 per head is excellent value with variety. Cash only.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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