Monthly Archives: March 2012

Shiro Izakaya – 22 Mar 2012

I really enjoyed the ambience the restaurant provides on a lovely warm sunny day. The lunch sets are excellent value and a great way to sample various elements of Japanese cuisine via the variety offered. The serves were generous and once you have a few bites of sashimi, sushi, or tempura, munch on the garden salad, sip your miso soup, and enjoy spoonfuls of the donburi, you will feel very full, probably too full. I enjoyed all the elements offered, in particular the sashimi and tempura, and enjoyed trying something new in the donburri which was yet another way to enjoy rice. The service was excellent throughout our meal and the desserts rounded things off.

Globe Wine Bar and Restaurant – 20 Mar 2012

All in all, I quite enjoyed my lunch, the variety and the ability to choose what you want. I started with soup and moved on to a variety of salads and light mini dishes before moving to the proteins. It’s not a heavy meal and I was comfortably satisfied and sustained for the afternoon. I particularly enjoyed the crumbed and deep fried tofu in Teriyaki sauce; the seafood salad; the roasted beetroot salad with goat’s cheese, and of course smoked salmon. Excellent service and a pleasant setting to enjoy a quiet lunch.

Bowl of Pho - Eat This In 20 minutes

What The Pho Challenge – 14 Mar 2012

Well in comparison to the chaotic consumption of pho around me in the attempt to complete the What The Pho Challenge and win a $50 voucher, I ordered wok fried noodles with duck and slowly enjoyed my meal. The smoky wok flavour imparted into the noodles adds an excellent dimension and lives up to the name of the dish. A satisfactory serving, good quantity of tender roasted duck along with the other ingredients made for an enjoyable meal. I take it the group enjoyed their pho, otherwise, they wouldn’t of ploughed on for the allotted 20 minutes.

Dessert Pie Entrants

Pi Day – 14 Mar 2012

As part of some workplace meriment, we decided to celebrate Pi Day, which commemorates the mathematical constant, π . Pi Day is celebrated on 14/3 or in the American date format 3/14 given π = 3.142857143…. We bought pies and also had a dessert pie competition plus a pie eating contest.

Iku Sushi – 13 Mar 2012

As per my last vist, I think the setting, service and friendliness were standout features of Iku Sushi. I really enjoyed trying more sushi from their cheeseburger range. Quite an unusual idea in deep frying sushi, by the crunch of those Panko crumbs and the slightly melted cheese are interesting elements that you will enjoy. I really loved the beef version and that spicy tang from something in the sushi really added lots of flavour and lived up the dish. The bacon, mushroom and beef version was enjoyable to, but paled in comparison to the beef. For just $8.95, the 6 pack cheeseburger sushu is excellent value and getting another 6 pack free even better. They are rich, so maybe a 4 pack with something else off the menu might be worthwhile.

Jus Burgers – 8 Mar 2012

I was looking forward to trying out the meal offerings at Jus Burgers and I thoroughly enjoyed the toasted bun, the char grilled and smoky flavour that penetrated the chunky Wagyu beef pattie, and all the other ingredients that rounded the meal out. It is a messy affair but why not get your hands dirty enjoying this burger. The mango, lemon and ginger smoothy was an excellent combination and balance in quantities to create a tasty enjoyable drink.