Iku Sushi – 13 Mar 2012

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD

I returned once again to Iku Sushi to take advantage of their buy one get one free offer in the Eat Drink Perth 2012 Passport. The offer was buy a 4 or 6 pack cheeseburger sushi and get another free. I decided to try the beef cheesburger and also the bacon, however, the bacon has changed slightly so now it’s a mix of bacon, mushroom and beef. I decided to go for the large serve of 6 but forgot how filling and rich they were on my last visit. While I waited in line to place my order, I noticed the various items on the menu and on display around the counter. One of which is Takoyaki – that Japanese dumpling type dish I just tried at the Twilight Hawkers Markets. Not sure if they sold those on my last visit but it’s interesting how things escape your notice and only after discovering them, you then notice any ocurrence of them. After grabbing an electonic buzzer and grabbing a seat at the bench overlooking the kitchen which is an interesting experience in itself, my food was kindly brought out by one of the staff members. Iku Sushi certainly does have a service element as part of their concept which is something that I appreciate.

I was presented with 6 sushi encasing small chunks of beef, with a lovely golden yellow batter covering the sushi itself. The sushi are coated in Panko breadcrumbs which is evident when you take one bite. Crunch! There’s a bit of cheese mixed in the beef which has just melted and the sushi are so delicious! There’s an interesting element added which gives a real bite, chilli I believe but not observeable. It gives a lovely spicy element and livens up the dish. Apart from dunking them in the thousand island dressing which is a little rich but not really sweet like the stuff out of the supermarket version, the the sushi are a textual delight with crunch on the outside, soft rice in the next layer and then beef with the melting cheese. I was really hungry but after 3 I was feeling very full. The cheeseburger sushi are sizeable.

I decided to open up the other 6 pack of cheeseburger sushi and try the bacon, mushroom and beef version. Similar to the beef cheesburger sushi with that delicious crunch, the flavours are quite different and a lot more muted. Still tasty but there was no zing of any chilli or any other element to surprise. I preferred the beef version which was delicious. Well, I was off after a satisfying lunch but the sushi stared at me and I gobbled another at work and another when I got home. My parents enjoyed the leftovers which I saved for their enjoyment.

Iku Sushi Food Review Summary

Verdict: As per my last vist, I think the setting, service and friendliness were standout features of Iku Sushi. I really enjoyed trying more sushi from their cheeseburger range. Quite an unusual idea in deep frying sushi, but the crunch of those Panko crumbs and the slightly melted cheese are interesting elements that you will enjoy. I really loved the beef version and that spicy tang from something in the sushi really added lots of flavour and livened up the dish. The bacon, mushroom and beef version was enjoyable too, but paled in comparison to the beef. For just $8.95, the 6 pack cheeseburger sushi is excellent value and getting another 6 pack free even better. They are rich, so maybe a 4 pack with something else off the menu might be worthwhile.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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Iku Sushi Food Review Summary

Iku Sushi
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