Indian Garden Restaurant – 4 Mar 2012

Cuisine: Indian
Location: North Perth

I was having a chat about Indian restaurants at work and someone mentioned Indian Garden Restaurant in North Perth. I haven’t heard of this restaurant so I looked it up and decided to give it a go. So far, I’d have to rate Thali for the best Indian food in terms of flavour and value, even though it’s in a food court in Carillon City. Cinnamon on the Park is the best restaurant for authentic flavour but the servings were small and several dishes weren’t good value. So it was going to be interesting to see how flavoursome the food would be at this restaurant. They don’t have their al a carte menu on the website, but the takeaway menu is available which gave me an idea as to the dishes on offer.

Walking in, we were the first to arrive and were warmly greeted and shown to our table. The decor is modern and simple but had it’s own touch of Indian style upon the restaurant without being overtly in your face. The dining area is of reasonable size with some tables outside in the alfresco area. While we were first to arrive, the place filled up fast as the night wore on and a few people dropped by to pick up takeaway orders.

Upon being seated, a bottle of cold water was brought and a basket of pappadums. We inquired about the buffet and were informed it cost’s $29.50 per person and available for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights only. The waitress brought out the buffet menu and the al a carte menu so we could see what is offered in the buffet. The buffet has a great selection of dishes and is very reasonably priced so I’ll have to come again to try the buffet.

After a look through the al a carte menu we decided on the following dishes:

  • Chicken Tikka Malai (entree) – 6 chunky pieces with a lovely flavour of the tandoor oven giving that smoky flavour and accompanied by a salad. Excellent.
  • Indian Garden Platter (entree) – this is an excellent selection of Indian cuisine that is very generous and excellent value. Supposedly for 2, we shared it amongst our group and there’s plenty to get you started. They have:
    • Prawns pakoras – prawns coated in batter and fried
    • Onion bhazi – onion pieces coated in batter and fried
    • Chicken Tikka Malai – as per the first entree
    • Mince samosa’s
    • Vegetable pakoras – mashed vegetable coated in batter and fried
    • Really tasty, great start to the meal and feeling a bit full already. Also came with a salad, a small dish of mint chutney and another of a sweet date chutney which were both lovely.
  • Butter Chicken – was very good with the tomato flavour coming through, sweet but not too sweet, creamy but just needed a slight lift in intensity of flavour
  • Lamb Saag Meat – was lovely and quite tender with a lovely spinach sauce and a slight hint of chilli, “medium” chilli classification, but shouldn’t cause any problems. Quite mild to my mind.
  • Saffron Rice – a lovely light yellow colour from the spices and the grains were very loose. Went well with the other meat dishes and sopping up the curry.
  • Aloo Kulcha – soft tasty flatbread but didn’t carry much potato. Still enjoyable and great for sopping up the left over curry in the dishes, can’t let that lovely sauce go to waste.
  • Garlic Naan – a lot more crunchy on the top but soft underneath and had a slight hint of garlic
  • Kulfi (dessert) – I was too full for dessert but had a piece of kulfi which is an Indian ice cream made with ground pistachios. Very nice.

When our mains were brought out, the dishes were small but very deceptive. They’re actually very generous servings with plenty of meat and the curry (sauce) inside. We were stuffed with the generous servings. Our bill worked out to $26 per person amongst our group which is excellent value. The service was warm and friendly and we were looked after well.

Indian Garden Restaurant Food Review Summary

Verdict: I certainly enjoyed my meal. The entrees were a great start. The platter or tasting plate, contained a generous collection of mini eats and was great value. The chicken Tikka Malai had lovely flavours and this carried on in the mains via the butter chicken and lamb saag. I have had better butter chicken but this version was solid. I enjoyed the breads and the generous servings, relaxed setting and friendly service is a place that you wouldn’t hesitate for multiple visits. Great value and well priced.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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