Monthly Archives: April 2012

Tak Chee House – 27 Apr 2012

I loved the entrees of lo bak and satay chicken which were full of flavour and tasty. The small sample I had of the char kuey teow was authentic and so too the ice kechang. I loved the crispy, flaky roti and wished I got served another but with the generous serve of chicken curry, I was stuffed. I enjoyed my meal and appreciated the friendly warm service. The bill did add up quickly so maybe a little bit overpriced. Cash only. Bookings essential.

Zapata’s – Northbridge – 4 Apr 2012

Second time round to Zapata’s was just as good as last time. I loved the Death By Chocolate cocktail and the dips are a nice way to get started, especially the gooey cheese dip. I opted for a lighter mains in the Al Pastor and happily prepared and ate 4 tortillas with a lovely pork mixture with corn salsa and a lovely sauce. Somewhere in those ingredients was one almighty hot chilli which was really hot. After downing the bottle of water, I think the burning sensation subsided.