Tak Chee House – 27 Apr 2012

Cuisine: Asian
Location: Northbridge, William Street

After my initial visit to Tak Chee House in February earlier in the year, I decided to go again and meet my parents there for dinner. It does take a little while, but after a 15 minute relaxing stroll from the CBD to Northbridge down William Street, I arrived at Tak Chee House. There’s plenty of people about on a Friday night so it’s not like the usual ghost town after 6pm. I’d made a booking the prior day which is always good policy given the place was packed when we entered. There were a few people sitting on chairs by the entrance eagerly awaiting their chance at an empty table. Others decided against the wait and went elsewhere.

We were taken to our table and after having a look through the menu, we ordered:

  • Penang Lo Bak (entree) – a Vietnamese type sausage that has a really crispy skin and is sliced on the angle. It’s served with a sweet & spicy sauce.
  • Chicken satay (entree) – 4 skewers of chicken with a bowl of satay sauce
  • Penang Char Kuey Teow
  • Singapore Fried Bee Hoon – vermicelli noodles with chicken & seafood
  • Roti Canai with Curry Chicken – roti is a flaky bread to be eaten with the curry
  • Ice White Tea
  • Ice Kachang – dessert with crushed ice, palm sugar, crushed peanuts, ice jelly and sweet corn
  • Chinese Tea

While there’s nothing fancy about the place, our waitstaff was very warm and friendly and helpful in our menu selection. Many of the dishes on the menu remind me of my holiday to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The Penang Lo Bak with the sweet & spicy sauce was excellent and just like what I ate in KL. Chicken satay is always an interesting one as there’s so many different versions. I loved this version of the tender chicken with the strong coriander flavour and delicious satay sauce. The entrees were a great start to our meal.

Most of the other dishes are really meals for one but we did share a small portion of each other’s meals to get a taste of the meals offered. I had a taste of the Penang Char Kuey Teow which was excellent and had lovely flavours. Still, not as good as the KL Chinatown version I ate. I also had a taste of the Singapore Fried Bee Hoon which are vermicelli noodles with chicken, seafood and other ingredients. Wasn’t too bad but not to my liking. For a start, I don’t care for vermicelli noodles to start off with. For my mains, I got a lovely, crunchy, flaky roti with a bowl of chicken curry. There were 3 pieces of chunky chicken with potatoes and a spicy curry surrounding all ingredients. A little bit pungent but nothing I can’t handle and quite flavoursome. I really loved the roti and there was a generous amount of chicken. In between I sipped on my iced white tea which had a lovely tea flavour and sweetness without being too confronting. I was pretty stuffed but I did sample a bit of ice kachang which was delicious. This is the first version in Perth I’ve had with crushed peanuts, along with the usual ingredients of sweet corn, palm sugar, ice jelly and loads of ice. Excellent and nearly on par with Island Bistro in KL.

Tak Chee House Food Review Summary

Verdict: I loved the entrees of lo bak and satay chicken which were full of flavour and tasty. The small sample I had of the char kuey teow was authentic and so too the ice kechang. I loved the crispy, flaky roti and wished I got served another but with the generous serve of chicken curry, I was stuffed. I enjoyed my meal and appreciated the friendly warm service. The bill did add up quickly so maybe a little bit overpriced. Cash only. Bookings essential.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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2 thoughts on “Tak Chee House – 27 Apr 2012

  • Tannicteeth

    OK, you’ve convinced me to try Tak Chee House as I often park in Northbridge and walk into the city. (I’d rather save the $10 on parking at put it to a great meal!)
    Now I don’t need to walk so far into the the heart of Northbridge.
    Thanks for the review and convincing me to it’s worth trying.

    • Shaun Post author

      No problems. I hope you enjoy the meals on offer. Remember it’s cash only. Let me know what you think.

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