Zapata’s – Northbridge – 4 Apr 2012

Cuisine: Mexican
Location: Northbridge (another in Fremantle)

Another team night out but involving other teams from work, we headed over to Pot Black in Northbridge for a few hours of fun hitting the pool tables. A few of us decided to head out for dinner so we stopped by Zapata’s again which is just up the road on James Street. It wasn’t as packed as last time so we were able to pick our table and opted for one outside in the pleasant weather. Being a Wednesday, Zapata’s have daily specials with today’s offer being $10 cocktail carafes. So instead of picking up a cocktail for $10, you could get a carafe instead. “Death by Chocolate” for me thanks which was shared with another member. We started out with the “Los Tres” Dip  ($13.10) – 3 dips including chilli con queso, salsa mexicana and guacamole. That was a nice start which we shared amongst us. Love the gooey cheesy sauce which was just like last time’s visit – delicious.

I decided to go with something different for my mains so opted for the “Al Pastor” ($16.90). This is one of the dishes from their range of traditional soft corn tortillas. After a reasonable wait, a tray of all our dishes is brought out and served to us. I received a tray with a plate of 4 tortillas; a small shallow pan of the minced pork marinated in achiote, served with onions, pineapple and coriander; a small bowl of  corn salsa; and a little jug of a light brown gravy looking sauce. It’s very hands on as you are presented with the prepared ingredients and you just assemble the tortillas and eat. I went looking for what the marinade was – achiote. According to Wikipedia, achiote is a shrub which is used in certain cooking cultures to give colour as well as flavour. After drinking the creamy milky Death By Chocolate cocktail which was just as delicious as last time, I was feeling full so a slightly lighter meal like this was perfect. The pork mixture had nice flavour and the corn salsa added freshness while the sauce provided moisture. Simple meal which went down well. A word of warning, I’m not sure where, but I suspect the sauce has something which is frightfully hot. After eating the first tortilla, the second one had my mouth burning and my lips zinging. Fortunately a bottle of cold water was near which provided temporary relief. The third tortilla was worse and the last, which I tipped the remaining sauce mixture was completely mild. I did have a bit of the pork on it’s own and it was fine. The few pieces of pineapple were a slight saviour but boy was that hidden chilli really hot.

Zapata’s Food Review Summary

Verdict: Second time round to Zapata’s was just as good as last time. I loved the Death By Chocolate cocktail and the dips are a nice way to get started, especially the gooey cheesy dip. I opted for a lighter mains in the Al Pastor and happily prepared and ate 4 tortillas with a lovely pork mixture with corn salsa and a lovely sauce. Somewhere in those ingredients was one almighty hot chilli which was really hot. After downing the bottle of water, I think the burning sensation subsided.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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