Monthly Archives: May 2012

Maurizio Restaurant – 24 May 2012

Second time around, the same high standards that you expect from a fine dining establishment were met. Excellent friendly service, delicious generous servings of Italian cuisine, high quality meals, I was again completely satisfied on all fronts. It was great to try different items and experience a slice of Italian cuisine. To do justice to the food served, you must bring an appetite.

Mother India – 20 May 2012

For most of the night, we were served by a nice friendly, quiet spoken, humble guy. There are certain aspects that could be improved upon to lift the overall dining experience of the restaurant but we enjoyed the food we ate which was tasty. I particularly enjoyed the lamb palak and plain naan and rice. The platter needs more items added or the price dropped. If you’re in the mood for Indian, it’s worth dropping by though I’d favour the take away option. By now I’ve probably stopped sweating. Cash only, BYO, no corkage charge, and “medium” heat is quite pungent.

Monterey’s – 14 May 2012

For $25 with the coupon the variety is amazing and allows you to try a wide selection of dishes that suit your tastes. I think my last visit was far superior with some of the dishes this time round lacking the right flavour balance and seasoning. The meals weren’t horrible though and there were other dishes to lift the experience. I loved the prawns, smoked salmon, yabbie, quesadilla, soup, Asian stir fry, Mongolian casserole, mousse, certain tarts, and the cappuccino ice cream. Excellent value, pleasant setting, excellent variety and service. There were plenty of other people there, some of which used the coupon to enjoy a lovely spread.

Il Padrino Pizzeria & Restaurant – 11 May 2012

All in all, we had a good night out. The pizzas were pretty good but didn’t blow me away. Especially given the owner has won a world’s best pizza maker award. The base was lovely and light and the pizza’s weren’t over packed with too many ingredients. Instead, the ingredients were allowed to shine. I particularly enjoyed the olives marinated in chilli, chilli oil, the Papa Benedictine 16th, and the marinara pizza. The Papa Benedictine 16th was an absolute standout.

Zensaki – 7 May 2012

A really good meal at jusr $12, the ramen noodles and broth went well on a cold winters day with lovely flavours complemented by the chicken karaage providing the protein component and a different teture with the crunchy deep fried coating. I definitely want to come back to try the other offerings on the menu. Plenty on the menu to suit everyone.