Atrium @ Burswood - 21 Jun 2012

For $39.90 per head for lunch (check pricing during weekends etc), the range on offer is unbeatable. There’s a range of dishes from a variety of cuisines that should please everyone. I think what let down the offering was the lack of consistency in flavour. The dishes weren’t horrible by any means but while the Asian dishes were delicious, the others were let down in taste and could have been a shade more tender. The same went for the desserts. The eclair was excellent and some other cakes not bad. The waffle was passable and one can eat better outside while the ice creams were enjoyable. I think if you want a range of cuisines, for the price it’s worth a visit. Given parking is $15 for the day, it’s worth becoming a Club Burswood member for free which entitles you to other discounts amongst parking and the Atrium. Entertainment cardholders get 25% off up to $40. . . . → Read More: Atrium @ Burswood – 21 Jun 2012

Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe - 17 Jun 2012

I always like trying something new and today I was fortunate to sample Nepalese cuisine for the first time. It’s similar to Indian but is generally milder. When cooking with spices, the food is not necessarily chilli hot, just flavoursome. I enjoyed the different offerings of the night, particularly the flavours of the curries and the Chara ko Sekuwa, but I wasn’t wowed. I think the dishes are slightly overpriced. Certainly the case with the entrees which were underwhelming. The service was pleasant. . . . → Read More: Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe – 17 Jun 2012

Brookfield Place - City Square

Check out the new food court, restaurants, bars and shops around the BHP Tower. Viet Hoa, Crust, Zushi Bento are some of the eateries. Theobroma Chocolate Lounge coming soon. . . . → Read More: Brookfield Place – City Square

Delisio Pizza Romano - 7 Jun 2012

I’ve eaten the pizza by the slice on several occasions, trying different varieties, and enjoying the flavour combinations. The base is light and tasty and the toppings make the pizza sing. Head down and see what you’re missing. . . . → Read More: Delisio Pizza Romano – 7 Jun 2012

Northbridge Chinese - 3 Jun 2012

I once again thoroughly enjoyed my lunch, as did my family, trying some new dishes as well as some favourites. I particularly enjoyed the steamed seafood dishes; soft shell crab; chicken feet; and the roast duck although there’s not a huge amount of flesh but then that’s duck for you. The salt and pepper squid which was tender, wasn’t as good as Dragon Palace’s version, but still tasty. We ate heaps and were full and yet the bill just tipped $100. Fantastic value. Credit cards attract a 2% surcharge. . . . → Read More: Northbridge Chinese – 3 Jun 2012