Atrium @ Burswood – 21 Jun 2012

Cuisine: International, Buffet
Location: Burswood Casino

It’s been more than a decade since I last visited Atrium at Burswood Casino. Back then, the international buffet offering trailed behind that offered by The Sheraton’s Monterey’s and The Hyatt’s buffet version. Well given I had a day off and had wanted to visit earlier in the month to find it was booked out, I decided to try again and was fortunate to make a booking.

Walking into Burswood, a lot has changed and one can tell there’s plenty of changes underway by the amount of construction. Apart from Rockpool and Nobu being relatively new restaurant offerings, Burswood continues to evolve offering diners some excellent options. The Atrium is well designed and laid out despite being in quite an expansive open space. A few walls here and there under the large open room creates a designated area. The glassed windows from floor to ceiling create a greenhouse effect with a comfortable warmth in the entire area. The chairs were nice and comfy and service professional and attentive throughout our lunch experience. What impressed me was the the vast array of meals catering to a range of tastes. There are a large array of mains, seafood, cold meats, salads, pickled dishes, pasta station, carvery, and an equally large range of desserts to choose from. The range is far superior to that of Pan Pacific’s Monterey’s (was The Sheraton).

Given so much to choose from and so much to try, I decided to take a little bit of a number of items. I started with some tasty prawns which needed to be peeled and thousand island sauce; smoked salmon which I love; smoked cod; and a range of cold meats. I also had some mini sushi from the many varieties available with some wasabi and soya sauce. Not bad but just about any place in the city will beat the sushi offered here. Just ask any city office worker. A lovely start to the meal nonetheless.

Next, I noticed Yorkshire puddings but they were too crisp, possibly sitting under the heat lamps for too long. The roast beef was a little tough but the Bernaise sauce and beef jus were lovely additions along with roast potatoes and honeyed carrots. I also took a slice of roasted pork bacon which was tasty. The Italian beef stew was nice but the beef could have been more tender and the honeyed mustard fish was a little intense. So far, the meals were not delivering on flavour and taste but weren’t bad by any stretch.

I decided to try some Asian and opted for delicious tempura battered vegetables which were superb; a pretty good fried rice; Singaporean seafood with juicy prawns and reasonably tender mussels which had good flavour; Mee Goreng with excellent flavour and a bit of bite; tender roasted chicken; BBQ roasted pork which was tender and had that sweetish roasted flavour; and some honeyed battered fish which was delicious. I definitely thought the Asian dishes was their strength.

I was feeling really full to consider the many other dishes I missed out on such as:

  • Spanish chicken
  • Pappadums, parathas, Rogan Josh, Pork Vindaloo
  • Dim sum selection
  • Various pasta dishes and a pasta station
  • Steamed Barramundi
  • And probably a few more dishes

So I waited a while and then decided to check out the desserts. Plenty of mini pastries, cakes, ice creams, lollies and waffles. I had a mini eclair which was excellent; a black forrest cake which was pretty good; a coffee cake with good flavour; and a tart raspberry dish which was good too. The waffle with maple syrup (or a choice of other things) with whipped cream was passable. Not that light or tasty. I tried the strawberry and chocolate ice cream which was lovely. I had an enjoyable lunch and for $39.90 per head is great value.

Atrium Food Review Summary

Verdict: For $39.90 per head for lunch (check pricing during weekends etc), the range on offer is unbeatable. There’s a range of dishes from a variety of cuisines that should please everyone. I think what let down the offering was the lack of consistency in flavour. The dishes weren’t horrible by any means but while the Asian dishes were delicious, the others were let down in taste and could have been a shade more tender. The same went for the desserts. The eclair was excellent and some other cakes not bad. The waffle was passable and one can eat better outside while the ice creams were enjoyable. I think if you want a range of cuisines, for the price it’s worth a visit. Given parking is $15 for the day, it’s worth becoming a Club Burswood member for free which entitles you to other discounts amongst parking and the Atrium. Entertainment cardholders get 25% off up to $40.
Price: Moderately expensive
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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Atrium at Burswood Casino
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