Delisio Pizza Romano – 7 Jun 2012

Cuisine: Italian, pizza
Location: Perth CBD – Enex 100 (also Carillon City as Delisioso, and Subiaco)

After one of my ex-work colleagues told me about Delisio, I have visited every now and then. They serve various pizza’s by the slice and also serve pasta and other menu items. It’s also popular with work with our morning tea money sometimes pooled together to buy a few boxes of pizza containing a variety of slices. I’ve been told the pasta dishes are also very nice but I have yet to try. The pizza base is light and reasonably thin. Head up to the food court in EnEx 100, line up, choose your slices of pizza, they chuck it in the oven to warm, and you move along the line to pay and then wait while the pizza’s warming. Finally, sit down to enjoy the lovely pizza.

On today’s visit, I meant to get a certain pizza but mixed it up with another. The slice I intended was a “Mark’s Pizza” with potato, a cheesy sauce, and bacon which is so delicious. Instead, I accidently got a pizza with thin potato slices, cheese and rosemary. Still delicious, but not what I had wanted. I’d also eyed the desserts on prior visits and chose just the one slice so I could order creme brulee. For just $6, the custard is light and creamy but obviously missing the influence of the pricey vanilla pods. The crunchy caramel wasn’t properly crystallised, with untorched sugar beneath the crunchy caramel lid apparent. I ran into this problem when I last made my own creme brulee. I think you need to add the sugar and torch immediately and thoroughly to avoid this happening. I noticed they added brown sugar to the pre-prepared custard, went hunting for the blow torch, and then torched. Still, I enjoyed the dessert and my pizza.

They also serve alcohol in the designated area at the En Ex 100 location. I have also eaten at the Carillon City location which goes by a different name for some reason – Delisioso, as opposed to Delisio. Pizza by the slice there too, but I remember the pizza being different to that I ate at En Ex. Maybe a change of ownership. Either way, head down to one of their locations. My favourite slice is Mark’s Pizza. What’s yours?

Delisio Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve eaten the pizza by the slice on several occasions, trying different varieties, and enjoying the flavour combinations. The base is light and tasty and the toppings make the pizza sing. Head down and see what you’re missing.
Price: Bargain ($6 a slice)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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