Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe – 17 Jun 2012

Cuisine: Nepalese
Location: Victoria Park (also in Inglewood)

I’m not sure where I was but as a bus drove by I saw an ad for Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe. Sounds interesting so I decided to try a new cuisine. Nepalese cuisine is a mixture of the surrounding regions like India, Tibet, and Burma. Looking at the menu, it looks familiar to Indian dishes but with different names.

The restaurant is on the corner of Albany Highway and McMillan Street in Vic Park. The sides are all glass walls but it initially looks like those plastic windows that roll up when dry and down when wet. Just slide the door and enter what is an area well packed with tables and patrons to boot. The restaurant was very busy as we entered and after checking with the Maitre d’, we were shown to our table. The interior is very mod, has the perfect balance of lighting and certainly is buzzing with atmosphere. The restaurant is also warm from the kitchen possibly, compared to the cold winter weather which makes for a comforting change. Along the side of the restaurant where we sat are benches running along the wall but they are a distance from the tables which are bolted to the floor. This made it  a little difficult for a few of my dining members. After a look through the menu, we opted for:

  • (entree) Momo $14 – Nepalese style dumplings with a chicken filling (choice of lamb or vegetable options too) with a sauce
  • (entree) Lollipop chicken $10.50 – fried chicken wings in Nepalese herbs and spices, with mint chutney
  • Chara ko Sekuwa $21 – similar to Tandoori chicken but with Nepalese style spices instead
  • Chef’s Special Goat Curry $21
  • Khashi ko Tandruk $20.50 – lamb curry
  • Bhuja $4.50 – steamed Basmati rice
  • 3 plain naans @ $4.50 each

Given it was packed (both the patrons and tables) there’s not a huge amount of room to pass by but the wait staff manage to make their way around with the dishes. We had a bowl of dried chunna to keep us at bay while we waited for our entrees. The momo was brought out with a little salad, a sauce which had a meaty flavour to it but complemented the 10 dumplings, which had a slightly thickish skin but were well filled. These were quite tasty, but a little similar to what one can eat at a Chinese restaurant serving yum cha, except the Chinese restaurant’s version is much better. I think the dumpling needed to be thinner and tender but the chicken mixture was lovely. The chicken lollipops were quite good too but there was hardly any chicken on the bone or “lollipop”. Maybe a bit pricey for the 5 lollipops. The mint chutney was good. Not a bad start but the entrees could have been better.

There was a lot longer wait but not too long for our mains and they weren’t all brought out at once with a slight delay among some of the dishes. The lamb curry was very tender but not the goat curry which was a little tough. Both curries had lovely flavours are were mild. They went very well with the medium sized bowl of loose basmati grains of rice. The Chara ko Sekuwa is a dry offering with no curry but the chicken was very tender, flavoursome, and moist. Very fleshy and enjoyable. I enjoyed the plain naans brought out but I think Mother India’s version was far better. The servings were decent and contained a generous amount of meat. We were comfortably full at the end of our meal.

Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: I always like trying something new and today I was fortunate to sample Nepalese cuisine for the first time. It’s similar to Indian but is generally milder. When cooking with spices, the food is not necessarily chilli hot, just flavoursome. I enjoyed the different offerings of the night, particularly the flavours of the curries and the Chara ko Sekuwa, but I wasn’t wowed. I think the dishes are slightly overpriced. Certainly the case with the entrees which were underwhelming. The service was pleasant.
Price: Reasonable (if you have the entertainment book, 25% discount up to $25 available)
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant Details

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