Monthly Archives: July 2012

Shafto’s Cafe – 31 Jul 2012

I enjoyed the version of paella served up to me in a nice pleasant setting with a focus on polite service. A more than decent serving of paella, lovely soft plump rice grains that were not mushy, delicious cacciatore sausage adding a lovely flavour to complement the pieces of chicken, tender scallop, prawns and the king prawn perched on top of the meal.

Monterey’s – 19 Jul 2012

The coupon offering a $50 buffet at $30 only is a bargain. While the buffet range was massively reduced, it still offered good value. However, come tasting time, I was very disappointed with the average tasting meals at best. I can’t really say there were any highlights and were quick to leave. The food wasn’t horrible, but it was average. I’d prefer to have ordered a meal at another restaurant instead. I’m not sure what has happened, but the standard has really fallen to an all time low. Your money is best spent elsewhere.

Zensaki – 17 Jul 2012

Third visit here, this time to try the katsu donburi. I enjoyed the soft plump grains of rice cooked in the broth which was flavoursome. The tender tasty katsu chicken was delicious but I missed the crunch it normally would have if it were not smothered by the fried egg. The fried egg and onion do add a richness to the meal, but the salty kick of the miso soup cuts through and enhances the overall meal. Delicious and such great value.

Greenhouse – 17 Jul 2012

Well I quite enjoyed the Welsh Rarebit which is an experience in itself. Not cheesy, but rich with a mustardy flavour and the bite of cayenne pepper will certainly warm you up on a cold winter’s day. I liked the thick crusty slices of soft bread and the mocha was delicious. Quite a surprising meal, filling, rich, and spicy. It’s great to try something new.

Hog’s Breath Cafe – 9 Jul 2012

For around $30, I was able to enjoy a bit of variety with delicious baby backed ribs and a supposedely medium rare steak which was rare and not that enjoyable. The garlic and white wine sauce was not flavoursome and too thick, the Cajun rice was undercooked and hard, the curly chips were lovely and so too the house salad. I was very full with the generous serve and the service was excellent and not short of effort. The venue has an interesting feel to it with plenty on the menu to suit a range of tastes. If they can deliver on taste and cook the steaks more effectively, they would be more popular. Currently, a long way short from their claim of best steaks in Australia. Given my experience, I wouldn’t be rushing back again. Quite an average disappointing meal.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar – 5 Jul 2012

For $9.90 I got a largish slice of pizza with a decent serve of Greek salad. I really loved the generous layering of toppings, the delicious flavour of the tender Peking Duck and that sticky sweet Asian style sauce. The crispy thin base was tasty and the Greek salad was tasty but needed a bit more dressing. For a quick lunch that delivers on taste without breaking the bank, I recommend a trip to Crust. I wonder what other interesting pizza varieties they have? Might have to head there again.