Greenhouse – 17 Jul 2012

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Breakfast
Location: Perth CBD

I had been perusing breakfast menu’s to choose a venue for a team breakfast. I didn’t settle on Greenhouse, but one item on the menu caught my eye which I had read about somewhere, so today was breakfast at Greenhouse. What I like about Greenhouse is the menu always has interesting items rather than the run of the mill pub style dishes which are common on most menu’s in the Perth CBD. Welsh Rarebit ($8) was the item that caught my eye which could be described as fancy cheese on toast but is so much more.

Wikipedia - Welsh Rarebit

Wikipedia – Welsh Rarebit With Fried Egg

I arrived on a cold winter morning just after 7am and was glad to enter a much warmer environment. I ordered a mocha to begin with which was delicious but could have been hotter. Instead, it was just the right temperature to start drinking which was fine by me but got colder as the time passed.

According to the wikipedia entry, Welsh Rarebit is a cheesy Béchamel sauce which may contain ale, mustard, cayenne pepper, paprika, and Worcestershire sauce. The sauce is then poured over the toasted bread. My version was presented on a wooden board with 2 thick slices cut in half with the sauce poured over the top but not dripping down the sides. It didn’t look anything like cheese on toast and with the aid of fork and knife, it tasted nothing like cheese on toast. The flour is milled at Greenhouse and the bread baked fresh. Crunchy crusts with a soft centre. The sauce was mustardy, rich, not really cheesy, but contained the bite of cayenne pepper. Wow, that had my mouth zinging which was good that a glass of water was provided to cool my mouth down and wash away the richness. Quite a surprising meal, filling, rich, and spicy. It’s great to try something new.

Greenhouse Food Review Summary

Verdict: Well I quite enjoyed the Welsh Rarebit which is an experience in itself. Not cheesy, but rich with a mustardy flavour and the bite of cayenne pepper will certainly warm you up on a cold winter’s day. I liked the thick crusty slices of soft bread and the mocha was delicious. Quite a surprising meal, filling, rich, and spicy. It’s great to try something new.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Greenhouse Restaurant Details

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