Hog’s Breath Cafe – 9 Jul 2012

Cuisine: Steakhouse
Location: Northbridge, other locations available

I was catching up for dinner with a friend and was tasked with the choosing a restaurant. I had a flick through the entertainment book and decided to give Hog’s Breath Cafe a try. Having a look through the menu, while it seems Aussie, it appears to have an American style to it in the same vein as Tony Roma’s.

Walking in, the interior certainly has a distinctive style which goes with the type of food served. Not sure how to put this into words exactly but it’s comfortable. Service was excellent, maybe a little over the top at times, but you can’t fault them for genuinely wanting to make an effort which is refreshing. I picked up the menu and had a quick flick through. “Best steaks in Australia” or words to that effect were written across the menu – if only that were true as I later discovered.

I decided to opt for the Rib and Steak combo. I was keen to try baby backed ribs and while I’m not a big steak fan, I thought I’d give the steak a go. After a reasonable wait I was presented with a large plate containing a decent size steak, covered with a small rack of ribs, hog tail fries (curly chips like a pigs tail), Cajun rice, and a largish salad. I also opted for the garlic and white wine sauce which looked like glug and was an additional charge much to my surprise upon settling the bill.

I asked for the steak medium rare but it was rare. I didn’t particuarlymind but it made cutting the rawish meat difficult. I thought it was overcooked initially but that was not the case. I made the mistake one day of buying the wrong cut of meat and trying to cook it on high heat for a few minutes each side in a frying pan. The end result was just like my steak – cooked on the outside but not cooked on the inside, resulting in chewy fibrous meat. Not a great steak. The chips were pretty good, the Cajun rice had some flavour but was hard and needed more cooking, and the house salad was enjoyable. The garlic and white wine sauce didn’t really add any flavour and was too thick. What I did enjoy, though, were the ribs which were tender, tasty, and covered in a lovely sauce. I could have easily eaten a plateful of ribs. Quite a disappointing experience but you can’t question the generous serving, the friendly service and the setting.

Hog’s Breath Food Review Summary

Verdict: For around $30, I was able to enjoy a bit of variety with delicious baby backed ribs and a supposedely medium rare steak which was rare and not that enjoyable. The garlic and white wine sauce was not flavoursome and too thick, the Cajun rice was undercooked and hard, the curly chips were lovely and so too the house salad. I was very full with the generous serve and the service was excellent and not short of effort. The venue has an interesting feel to it with plenty on the menu to suit a range of tastes. If they can deliver on taste and cook the steaks more effectively, they would be more popular. Currently, a long way short from their claim of best steaks in Australia. Given my experience, I wouldn’t be rushing back again. Quite an average disappointing meal.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Average
Value: Poor
Recommendation: Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again

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2 thoughts on “Hog’s Breath Cafe – 9 Jul 2012

  • Natalie

    I had a very similar experience – disappointing food that was overcooked in my case. No flavour to a lot of the elements and the service was a little too enthusiastic.

    • Shaun Post author

      I put the same question out to my work mates. Apparently the Mindarie venue is excellent and Joondalup isn’t bad too. Obviously a varying level of consistency across different locations.

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