Shafto’s Cafe – 31 Jul 2012

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane

Note: Closed

I was catching up with some ex-colleagues and chose Shafto’s Cafe as our venue. Formerly Cafe Bocca, a change in management resulted in the restaurant being changed to Shafto’s Cafe but still keeping it’s Italian identity. I hadn’t visited Cafe Bocca previously, but upon approaching the restaurant on the ever popular Shafto Lane, a man stood waiting to greet me and direct me to my table. Service was a noticeable aspect during my lunch experience.

While Italian, the menu has a variety of items to suit different tastes. I was surprised to see paella so I went for that. After a reasonable wait while catching up with my lunch party, all our dishes were brought out at the same time. I was asked if I would like some shaved Parmesan and said why not. The waiter then freshly grated Parmesan over my paella.

The serving size was more than decent. Nice plump moist rice grains were evident with bits and pieces of cacciatore sausage, chicken, prawns and a nice large king prawn perched on the very top of the slight mound. There was also a tender scallop buried in the rice too. Nice and flavoursome but lacking the fish stock flavour I was expecting as per the amazing paella I ate in Melbourne several years ago (I always use this as my benchmark). I really enjoyed the flavour of the cacciatore sausage and the juicy prawns. An enjoyable meal with good company.

Shafto’s Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: I enjoyed the version of paella served up to me in a nice pleasant setting with a focus on polite service. A more than decent serving of paella, lovely soft plump rice grains that were not mushy, delicious cacciatore sausage adding a lovely flavour to complement the pieces of chicken, tender scallop, prawns and the king prawn perched on top of the meal.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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