Zensaki – 17 Jul 2012

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD, Barrack St between Murray and Hay St Malls

Well after my filling breakfast at Greenhouse, I was wanting to get lunch but had a meeting so I starved. After the meeting, I thought I’d pay another visit to the food court at Brookfield Place but that was closed. After a bit of thought I decided to visit Zensaki and try their version of donburi.

I arrived quite late in the afternoon but there were still people filtering in. I ordered at the counter, took a serviette and a fork and patiently waited for the donburi. I ordered a regular serve of katsu don ($9) which was katsu chicken prepared in a donburi with egg and onion. I’m not a fan of egg so I asked for this to be omitted but I don’t think they understood as my meal was served with fried egg much to my distaste. I also was served a small bowl of miso soup. The katsu chicken became soft under the fried egg and after all these years of avoiding egg, guess what, I still don’t like it. There was a decent serve of the katsu chicken and it was tasty. The rice was well cooked, soft, flavoursome and tasty. There wasn’t too much onion in this version so it was a lot less rich but the presence of the egg, did add another element of richness. Quite a different version to that I first enjoyed at Shiro, but far less rich although Shiro’s was far tastier. The presence of the strong and slightly saltish miso was the perfect accompaniment. The salty flavour provided a real contrast to the richness of the donburi and was delicious. The serving size was just perfect for my appetite and I left a satisfied customer.

Zensaki Food Review Summary

Verdict: Third visit here, this time to try the katsu donburi. I enjoyed the soft plump grains of rice cooked in the broth which was flavoursome. The tender tasty katsu chicken was delicious but I missed the crunch it normally would have if it were not smothered by the fried egg. The fried egg and onion do add a richness to the meal, but the salty kick of the miso soup cuts through and enhances the overall meal. Delicious and such great value.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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