Monthly Archives: August 2012

Carnegie’s Bar & Restaurant – 30 Aug 2012

I was impressed with the generosity of the serving, and that too, considering the price. Quantity is one aspect, but on the taste front, they excelled too. Tender chicken, a lovely sauce, the ingredients working well together. Along with delicious chips, a salad with a lovely dressing, and a bread roll thrown in for good measure, what a lovely meal! The surrounds are pleasant and one can grab a table in a quiet area to share amongst one selves. I wouldn’t mind coming back to try a few other daily specials. EFTPOS available for meals over $20.

Superstar Waffles – 28 Aug 2012

I really enjoyed the waffles served here and can’t wait to come back for multiple visits. My co-workers have the same idea but a weekly event may be a bit much, particularly, for the waist line. But we’ve certainly stumbled upon a great place to eat some delicious waffles in pleasant surrounds and indulge in something absolutely delicious. They are filling and will leave you full and satisfied. Remember to bring cash.

La Galette de France - Various Pastries

La Galette de France Kalamunda – 12 Aug 2012

Visited here for breakfast and enjoyed the raspberry dream, a sweet crepe, which was enjoyable but didn’t wow. I also took home a selection of various pastries which were delicious. I particularly enjoyed the Frasier and the choux cream but didn’t like the Opera Cake. There is a large range of pastries to choose from and a nice array of breakfast items apart from other savoury items like quiches and baguettes. I think the patisserie is very good but ranks behind the other patisseries I’ve visited thus far.

Belgian Beer Cafe – 9 Aug 2012

There’s plenty to choose from on the menu with a range of price points. I enjoyed my steak sandwich but the bread was a little too toasted for my liking. The portion of gristle along one side of the steak was a little disappointing but the flavours were quite good and so too the chips. Not a bad meal for the price but one can have a tastier meal at other venues. The surrounds are pleasant if you are interested in heading down here.

Cafe Nocello – 5 Aug 2012

I really enjoyed the wood fired Capricciosa pizza with a lovely light base, ample toppings and great flavours. The smoked trout ravioli was the highlight for me. While served with a creamy sauce, it wasn’t rich and had the perfect balance of ingredients. Enough smoked trout to give it’s flavour, lots of ricotta to add a creaminess, the spinach to dull things down, and the salty burst of the capers to present a contrast. The fettuccine con gamberi contained plenty of prawns and in well cooked pasta with the sauce, went down well. Despite the lunch being excellent, the bill was more than I expected. This place is a bit on the pricey side and recommend the takeaway option where most of the dishes can be had for a much cheaper price. Can’t fault the deliciousness of their food though.