Belgian Beer Cafe – 9 Aug 2012

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, corner King and Murray St

We were having a leaving lunch at Belgium Beer Cafe so I had a quick look at the menu and placed my order with all the others as part of a pre-order. Last time I came here, we had done the same thing amongst a group of 6 and the meals took a very long time to be served. This time, among a group of 20+, the wait was quite reasonable but some people did get their meals well after most of us had received ours.

I decided on a steak sandwich which was a popular choice on the day. For $20, I was served the steak sandwich cut in half with a medium large serving of shoe string fries. The reasonably tender steak was served with Swiss cheese, salad, relish, mayo, the usual trimmings. The bread was not a bun but something like focaccia which was toasted but too much for my liking. Trying to get your mouth around this sandwich and take a bite of a bit too crispy bread didn’t make for a great experience. Nonetheless, quite tasty meal but I have had better. There was a lot of gristle along one side of the steak which was a little disappointing. The chips were lovely and the meal was filling.

It was quite a nice day and we had a few tables outside in the beer garden, undercover, but protected from the elements. The warm heaters near by provided enough warmth to provide an enjoyable atmosphere.

Belgian Beer Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict:  There’s plenty to choose from on the menu with a range of price points. I enjoyed my steak sandwich but the bread was a little too toasted for my liking. The portion of gristle along one side of the steak was a little disappointing but the flavours were quite good and so too the chips. Not a bad meal for the price but one can have a tastier meal at other venues. The surrounds are pleasant if you are interested in heading down here.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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