Carnegie’s Bar & Restaurant – 30 Aug 2012

Cuisine: Modern Australian, pub food
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St (near King St)

The guys at work were off to lunch and asked if I was interested in coming along to Carnegie’s for $16 chicken parma and beer. Sounds good, I’m in. I was planning to go to Pepper Lunch but after reading a few reviews from fellow food bloggers, I decided to give it a miss. Pepper Lunch is a restaurant specialising in barbecued meats where you cook your food. However, one review said you will come out smelling like the food you cooked and I didn’t wish that on my suit or for my fellow colleagues.

At Carnegie’s, they have daily specials. Thursday is $16 Chicken Parmigiana with a free beer (or house wine or soft drink). Serving pub food, the interior is quite pleasant and there is an upstairs area. I don’t drink so the guys shared the beer amongst themselves. Surprisingly, Carnegie’s also has several locations in Asia. I had popped off to the toilet and when I got back, I was surprised to see my meal already there. That was quick! Actually, a few of the guys had pre-ordered but someone obviously didn’t want their meal just as yet which suited me fine as I was really hungry.

What a serve! Two large chicken pieces, covered in bacon, cheese and the Parmigiana sauce, sitting atop hand cut fries. The chips were delicious and they still had their potato skin which was tasty too. I quickly moved the chicken to the side so the chips wouldn’t get soggy. There was also a small bread roll and a dish full of salad. I wondered how I was going to eat all this! I don’t normally eat pub food but this was the second time I was eating a chicken parma. Really enjoyable, tender chicken, the bacon, the melted cheese and Parmigiana sauce, it’s a lovely combination of flavours that go well together. After ploughing through the chicken and chips, I ate the bread roll and then was on to the salad. A lovely dressing was splattered across the fresh crisp salad which was enjoyable. I’m glad to see nice fresh salads served with a lovely dressing to liven things up. I was stuffed with that meal and can’t believe you could get all that and a beer for just $16. It’s good honest food and tasty too.

Carnegie’s Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was impressed with the generosity of the serving, and that too, considering the price. Quantity is one aspect, but on the taste front, they excelled too. Tender chicken, a lovely sauce, the ingredients working well together. Along with delicious chips, a salad with a lovely dressing, and a bread roll thrown in for good measure, what a lovely meal! The surrounds are pleasant and one can grab a table in a quiet area to share amongst one selves. I wouldn’t mind coming back to try a few other daily specials. EFTPOS available for meals over $20.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Carnegie’s Bar & Restaurant Details
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