Monthly Archives: September 2012

43 Below – 26 Sep 2012

For $28, I was happy with my choice and enjoyed the variety and the chance to sample “dude food”. The standout item was the mini burgers which were delicious. I enjoyed the chicken wings and char grilled sausage, but the dish could have benefitted with a slight increase in flavour in the chicken wings and skewered lamb. The squid also needed more cooking and slightly more seasoning. Nonetheless, it was a generous serving which satisfied my appetite and got the tick of approval from me on the “dude food” front. Notice no vegetables or salad – all meat. Definitely suited to men.

Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine – 21 Sep 2012

The appeal of this place is to serve tasty Indonesian style dishes at cheap prices. Having travelled to Bali, several of the dishes on the menu are recognisable and I can understand why it’s popular among the uni students. A more than generous serve of kwai teow goreng with prawn crackers were presented. Great flavours and a tasty meal for just $8.90 is a steal. Cash only.

La Brasserie De Paris – 18 Sep 2012

I enjoyed the different dishes sampled over the course of the evening. I was glad to try snails and it wasn’t anything revolting, quite standard actually. The combination of escargot with potato, garlic, bacon and parsley was superb. The main meal was solid without being spectacular. Tasty, great flavours, but I thought it could have delivered more. I really enjoyed the creme anglaise with the caramel sauce and that taste of creme brulee was amazing! I thought the mains were a little overpriced for what was delivered but was reasonably priced otherwise and service was satisfactory. It’s a lovely setting to enjoy a quiet dinner, particularly if you were on a date or a quiet special occasion.

Ark Star Sushi – 13 Sep 2012

Nothing flash about this place when you step in and if you can grab one of the few tables on offer, you’re welcome to dine in. However, the main appeal about this place is providing takeaway food for the lunch crowd. Very cheap meals on offer that are tasty too and I really loved the freshness of the sushi. A fantastic lunchtime takeaway cheap eat.

Raines Square – 6 Sep 2012

Where: Bordered by Wellington, William, Murray and Queen Streets in the Perth CBD What: Food court, retail shops, bars, Coles, Bankwest Web: It’s been a long time coming but Bankwest Place finally got built after several years of delays so it’s been sad to farewell the Bankwest Tower and […]

Good Fortune Roast Duck House – 3 Sep 2012

I thought for $11.50 I received a generous serving of roasted duck and BBQ pork with steamed rice, buk choy, and pickled cabbage which provided a complete meal. The roast duck was tender and moist and tastier of the two, but still lacked the intensity of flavour I was expecting. So too the BBQ pork, which was a little tough. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of dishes to try and dining in to experience an array of dishes would be a better measure of the food served here than one takeaway order.