Ark Star Sushi – 13 Sep 2012

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD, William St opposite underground train station

Since moving to the new Bankwest Place at Raines Square, I’d noticed a sushi place on my way into one of the entrances – Ark Star Sushi. They openly advertised hand made rolls at $2.80. I’d stopped by a few times to gaze at the menu and thought I should give it a try for lunch one day, especially since they had chicken karaage, a personal favourite.

So one day, I purposely did not bring my lunch from home and made a visit. The place is very small and quite narrow, enough for a few tables. This isn’t the ideal place for dining in but rather it’s appeal is as a quick lunchtime takeaway. The menu had changed and there was no chicken karaage which I swore was on the menu the prior week. So I opted for the all in one box at just $6. It came with steamed rice, Teriyaki beef, chicken, a deep fried chicken wing, some pickled vegetables, and tempura fish. Quite a selection at a bargain price. The cooked elements lay in metal trays under the warming lamps which are then served into a plastic bento box. The food isn’t made fresh to order.

After arriving back at my desk, I tucked into the various selections. The Teriyaki beef was very tender and tasty. It had a lovely flavour but wasn’t too intense. The chicken was good too and you can’t go past deep fried crispy chicken – yum! The tempura fish was also enjoyable, with the pickled vegetables and soya sauce steamed rice, it went down a treat. Really simple, tasty food at a bargain price. I still prefer Jun’s Japanese for a few more bucks and flavour though.

On another occasion I was feeling really hungry after lunch did not keep me going so I thought I’d pick something up after work. I stopped by Ark Star Sushi and took a look in the display cabinet at the various sushi items on offer. Being 5pm, they had slashed the prices to flog the food. For $4 I got a selection of 5 sushi. I took the sushi and walked to the bus stop where my bus was running late as usual. Excellent! Now I’ve got some time to eat the sushi that awaits. Apart from the tuna variety which I didn’t enjoy as much, all the other sushi varieties were really delicious. They were really fresh and a breath of fresh air. Not sure how one describes when you bite into something and just feel the freshness of the ingredients but that was what I experienced, late in the day.

Ark Star Sushi Food Review Summary

Verdict: Nothing flash about this place when you step in and if you can grab one of the few tables on offer, you’re welcome to dine in. However, the main appeal about this place is providing takeaway food for the lunch crowd. Very cheap meals on offer that are tasty too and I really loved the freshness of the sushi. A fantastic lunchtime takeaway cheap eat.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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