Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine – 21 Sep 2012

Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: East Victoria Park, Albany Highway

I had a day off and decided to head out to a French cafe, La Marmite Cafe, but after inquiring with the lady running the newsagent next door, found it is closed for refurbishment under new owners. Apparently going to be an Asian eatery. So I decided to head to Vic Park and try some Indonesian at Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine. It’s located in a square off Albany Highway amongst other restaurants and businesses.

Stepping in on a drizzling day, there’s nothing fancy about the place but that doesn’t perturb me. I took a seat and looked through the menu and settled on kwai teow goreng. Plenty to choose from on the menu and prices are cheap. I ordered at the counter and waited patiently, listening to music that would not be out of place in Bali. This place, I’ve heard, is popular amongst the uni students as they serve good food at excellent prices.

After a reasonable wait, a large plate filled with steaming hot flat rice noodles intertwined among the various ingredients and a smattering of prawn crackers was placed in front of me. I also asked the staff what the condiments were on my table. Various sauces plus a sweet chilli mix and a hotter chilli mix. I got up from my table to get some cutlery from a box near the door that also has chop sticks and serviettes. I tried a little of the sweet chilli mix which wasn’t bad but the second chilli mix was very hot!

Took a little time for the dish, and my mouth, to cool down and I dived right in. Lovely soft flat rice noodles with lots of tender pieces of chicken. A nice mix of ingredients that combined well together. This dish didn’t seem as traditional given it was made with chicken instead of seafood. Really good flavours but I think the version at D’Nyonya Penang Restaurant was better, but neither comes close to that I ate in Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. Still missing that smokey flavour of the wok infused into the flat rice noodles along with those crunchy bits of pork fat to add a salty flavour explosion. Maybe I should have gone with a more traditional Indonesian dish instead like sate chicken or rendang sapi.

Bintang Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: The appeal of this place is to serve tasty Indonesian style dishes at cheap prices. Having travelled to Bali, several of the dishes on the menu are recognisable and I can understand why it’s popular among the uni students. A more than generous serve of kwai teow goreng with prawn crackers were presented. Great flavours and a tasty meal for just $8.90 is a steal.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Bintang Cafe Restaurant Details

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