Good Fortune Roast Duck House – 3 Sep 2012

Cuisine: Asian
Location: Northbridge
While enjoying lunch at S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe, I also spied Good Fortune Roast Duck House which I had forgotten about. Then I had a great idea. I could visit for lunch on my lunch hour during work tomorrow! It’s about a 1km walk or 10 minutes and given the weather was pleasant, I looked through the takeaway menu and placed an order for boneless roast duck and BBQ pork with rice. Then I was off for my 2km trek. Upon entering, the office crowd were all over this place! I don’t think there was a spare seat. With golden roast ducks hanging from the window, they were being chopped up and boned along with other barbecue or roasted meats. My takeaway order was waiting on a shelf so I handed over $11.50 and walked back to the office.

Quite a decent sized container with lots of succulent roast duck to one side, purplish BBQ pork, steamed rice and buk choy and some pickled cabbage to aid digestion according to their website. The BBQ pork was a little tough and didn’t have that same sweetness one expects from a typical BBQ pork. The duck was very tender and moist and quite tasty but lacking the intensity of flavour I was expecting. This was tastier than the pork though and with the steamed rice, buk choy and pickled cabbage, made for a pleasant lunch which I enjoyed. However, I have eaten better. I’m not sure what the dining experience at the restaurant is like and maybe having an array of dishes might be more beneficial.

Good Fortune Food Review Summary

Verdict: I thought for $11.50 I received a generous serving of roasted duck and BBQ pork with steamed rice, buk choy, and pickled cabbage which provided a complete meal. The roast duck was tender and moist and tastier of the two, but still lacked the intensity of flavour I was expecting. So too the BBQ pork, which was a little tough. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of dishes to try and dining in to experience an array of dishes would be a better measure of the food served here than one takeaway order.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

Good Fortune Restaurant Details
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