La Brasserie De Paris – 18 Sep 2012

Cuisine: French
Location: Subiaco

Note: Restaurant has closed

I was catching up with a friend for dinner and felt in the mood for French cuisine so I suggested La Brasserie De Paris. I had previously done a search on French restaurants in Perth after reading an article in The West Australian about the several new French bistros opening up. After a short ride on the train from Perth, I hopped off at Subiaco train station and after a short walk down Rokeby Road and right on to Hay Street, we were there. It was very quiet around the area, I guess being a Tuesday night most places are either shut or it’s not a popular time to go out. Maybe it’s just Perth. Either way, we entered and were taken to our table.

The interior is understated yet neat and modern. No tablecloths just white paper. It was a quiet night with 2 other tables of patrons and a few other people who popped in, asked some questions and then left. Not sure what they were asking. There are menus posted on the outside to know what one would be served.

I had tried to save my appetite but I ate something in the afternoon as I was really hungry and by the time dinner came around, I wasn’t as hungry. I only opted for:

  • Mains: boeuf bourguignon et puree de pomme de terre – Beef “Bourguignon” in red wine sauce, mashed potatoes
  • Dessert: Ile Flottante a la creme anglaise – Floating island, vanilla crème anglaise & caramel sauce

My friend, on the other hand, opted for the dinner set with entree, mains and dessert for $57. He chose:

  • Entree: petites pommes de terre aux escargots – Snails in small potatoes with garlic & parsley butter
  • Mains: cuisse de canard confit et pommes de terre salardaise – Duck “confit” with sauteed potatoes, onions, bacon & green salad
  • Dessert: creme brulee a la vanille et tuiles aus amandes – Vanilla crème brulee and almond tuiles

We were brought out a basket of 4 slices of bread with softened butter. This was really nice as I started to feel hungry but limited myself to just the one slice to save my appetite. A bottle of chilled water was also brought out too.

After a reasonable wait, the entree was brought to out table. I had recently seen a French episode on SBS’s Food Safari where they showed the cultivation of snails. I still couldn’t reconcile my head to the fact people ate snails, however, I was curious to taste them. It’s a good thing then I was able to have a taste of my friend’s entree. What I worried about was ordering a whole dish, taking one bite and hating the taste, for this whole dish to sit there untouched. The dish was served with small halved baby potatoes, salted with bacon, garlic and parsley with the snail pushed down in to the potato. Here it goes! It was actually a non-event — tasty. I’m not sure what I was so worried about. Tasted slightly chewy and earthy but nothing revolting at all. Well, I can now say I’ve eaten snails or escargot.

For mains, I was presented with a white rectangular plate with an open dish of smooth mash and a deep rounded dish of the beef bourguignon. My friend was presented with duck confit. I had a taste of the duck which was succulent, seasoned perfectly, moist and delicious. I expected my beef bourguignon to contain vegetables but it was just chunks of beef in the gravy. It was so tender it fell apart on the fork at times. Very tasty with the red wine flavour evident, but not overpowering. The mash potato was very smooth but not creamy. More butter please! And you call this a French restaurant. Since when did they skimp on butter! It was fine but uninspiring.

For dessert, a white rectangular meringue with a strawberry atop floated upon the creme anglaise in the caramel sauce. Oh I loved the creme anglaise and caramael. Amazing! I’m not a fan of meringue but I enjoyed the dessert. My friend ordered creme brulee which I had a taste and was in heaven! So creamy and delicious. Nothing tops that dish which is a favourite of mine.

La Brasserie De Paris Food Review Summary

Verdict: I enjoyed the different dishes sampled over the course of the evening. I was glad to try snails and it wasn’t anything revolting, quite standard actually. The combination of escargot with potato, garlic, bacon and parsley was superb. The main meal was solid without being spectacular. Tasty, great flavours, but I thought it could have delivered more. I really enjoyed the creme anglaise with the caramel sauce and that taste of creme brulee was amazing! I thought the mains were a little overpriced for what was delivered but was reasonably priced otherwise and service was satisfactory. It’s a lovely setting to enjoy a quiet dinner, particularly if you were on a date or a quiet special occasion.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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