S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe – 2 Sep 2012

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Northbridge, William Street

With Father’s Day approaching, Dad was pretty keen to go out somewhere and fancied a visit to S & T Thai Gourmet. We’ve visited on two prior occasions and really enjoyed the flavours of their dishes. Walking in, we were warmly greeted and taken to our table. A number of tables were already reserved, and in the name of maximising turnover, they emphasis you come no later than 10 minutes after your booking otherwise you forfeit your table. The restaurant itself is not large but is long and deceptive as there are a number of tables packed in.

One of the features of the restaurant is they are quick out of the kitchen. After perusing the menu and trying to determine what we should order, we settled on the following dishes:

  • Crispy oyster pancake (entree)
  • Thai style crispy sausage (entree)
  • Pad Thai
  • A chilli chicken curry
  • Green curry (for takeaway)
  • Steamed rice

An unusual aspect of the restaurant is that no matter what the dish is classed, such as an entree, all the dishes get brought out and in no particular order. At least there is no delay in between dishes and the chefs waste no time in cooking up a storm. You don’t need to wait all that long before the dishes start being brought to your table which is great when you’re hungry.

The crispy oyster pancake is a past favourite and was delicious as usual. Crispy batter surrounding oysters and this glutinous type ingredient in amongst sliced spring onions served atop been sprouts. This sweet chilli sauce that is also served with the dish is absolutely necessary and rounds the dish off perfectly. The crispy sausage was very flavoursome and reminds me of a similar dish, lo bak. The pad thai was not too sweet and had great flavours. I haven’t eaten too many versions of this dish beforehand so I’m not sure how this ranks against a traditional pad thai but I really enjoyed the flavours on offer. The chilli chicken curry with green beans and red capsicum was delicious. It isn’t hot although the outside of my nose was filled with some perspiration, the flavours along with the steamed rice are amazing! The dish is spicy but not chilli hot and won’t leave your tongue burning We also ordered some green curry to take home and enjoy later and Dad also tried their only dessert on offer which was tasty and refreshing – a milky jelly and fruit salad like dessert. I had a taste and enjoyed it. By the way, the “S” and “T” in the restaurant name are the initials of the restaurant owners. I had to ask.

S & T Food Review Summary

Verdict: I absolutely love the food served here. It’s so full of flavour and is so delicious. Value wise, it’s excellent and to be seated in pleasant surrounds with friendly service and have the meals brought quickly out to you allows you to enjoy the lunch experience. What I love is each time I come here and try a new dish, it’s delicious. Some places have a set of core dishes that are excellent and others are not so. Not here. So satisfied. Bookings essential.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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3 thoughts on “S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe – 2 Sep 2012

  • Believe me

    I ordered a set of grilled chicken with paw paw salad its about$17.50 but you know what they gave me only 5-6pieces of grilled chicken and it abt 2inch each.. Wtf? And i order fillet fish its$17 but they only gave me1 small piece of the fish.. 1only!! For$17! Unbelievable! they are so stigy.. If you dont believe me order it and u will know.. Before its my favourite restaurant but not anymore.. Dont worth it

    • Shaun Post author

      Sorry to see you had such a bad experience. I’ve visited on many occasions and thought the serves were decent and excellent value since they tasted so good. Maybe their standards are slipping?

  • Mrs Kay

    Hi I feel that I need to share an experience of mine when I heard that S&T Thai is expensive. My husband and I felt like some fish while we were in Leederville so we decided Kailis is an obvious choice I wont mention about the service lets get straight to the fish I ordered fish of the day and it was barramundi and one grilled fillet (about 200g may be less) not much else on the plate was served to me put it this way I was still hungry after I had to pay $42.00 for that fillet of fish. An autometic urge of comparing set in motion a piece of easy grilled fish $42 by kailis and a small fillet of fish $17 at S&T Thai (s&t serves only barramundi fillet I found this out before I ordered my fish). You guessed it my choice next time I feel like some fish. I didnt mention that my fish at S&T was more flavorsome than at Kailis with all the spice and fresh herbs on the fish looking at it I feel that more time and ingredients had been spent on S&T Thai’s fish.

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