Monthly Archives: October 2012

Superstar Waffles - Chocolate

Superstar Waffles – 30 Oct 2012

Second time round and still as wonderful as the first. A fantastic waffle with ample chocolate sauce and whipped cream was my choice today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the balance of chocolate sauce to the dish. Not too rich or chocolatey, just right. I love this place and will be back to try the other varieties, slowly but surely. Cash only.

Crust - Heirloom Tomato Upper Crust

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar – 29 Oct 2012

If I hadn’t visited Crust before at Brookfield Place, after eating the pizza’s from the Vic Park store, I wouldn’t be back in a hurry. There was a major difference in quality. The pizzas at Brookfield are fresh and tasty, but those at Vic Park, albeit eaten 20 minutes later, were a little stale and a little disappointing. The limp rocket typified the experience. Maybe it’s the store. Still, I’m grateful for the invitation and I hope they keep the Heirloom Tomato Upper Crust pizza on the menu though it could do with more tomatoes. That had great flavour and the burst of moistness from the juicy tomatoes were a delight.

Four Seas - Large Combination

Four Seas – 29 Oct 2012

I’m quite a sucker for deep fried food and my eyes lit up when I saw the honey chicken, sweet and sour pork and fish. The latter contained too much batter relative to the contents, but were okay with nice sweet and sour flavour. The honey chicken was crispy, crunchy, and had a lovely honey flavour. I really enjoyed it. The simple fried rice and Hokkien noodles were good and went well with the black pepper chicken and lemon grass beef. Simple dishes with enough flavour to get by. It’s a good cheap eat and obviously a favourite among the resident office crowd. Cash only.

The Merrywell - Angus Beef Burger & Fries

The Merrywell @ Crown Perth – 28 Oct 2012

The Merrywell is a nice relaxed setting to enjoy a meal with modern funky music playing in the foreground (if it were softer I’d say background, yes, it’s a bit too loud!). It was quiet early on but it filled up. The shoestring fries were delicious but upstaged by the secret sauce. Very unique and I loved it! Yes it’s just sauce but what a difference it made. So too the sauce in the burger. Nice hit of chilli, lovely soft bun, intense meaty flavour provided by the angus beef, plus gooey melted cheese with the other ingredients combined well. Quite pricey at $24 though. Not worth it to my mind.

Took Bae Kee - Sides

Took Bae Kee II – 26 Oct 2012

For just $13, the sizzling hot & spicy pork really lived up to it’s name – brought out on a sizzling hot plate, and definitely spicy considering I had the “mild” version. I shudder to think what the normal version is! Tender juicy slices of pork, flavour, spiciness, and a lovely accompaniment of sides to provide relief (thank goodness for those salads), provide more spice (those chilli specs in the kimchi), and some sweetness via the red beans. Along with the drink, it refreshed me and left me full and satisfied. Quite an interesting meal. Credit cards are welcome.

Grill’d Brookfield Place – 23 Oct 2012

Another burger joint serving up burgers with the freshest ingredients, made to order, Grill’d focus on providing healthy burgers. I enjoyed the flavours of the crispy bacon and cheese burger but found it quite pedestrian. It didn’t wow and in comparison to Jus Burgers or Alfred’s Kitchen, was left wanting on flavour and taste. I did enjoy the herbed chips which were unique and the dipping sauces were good too.

JJ Crepes – 5 Oct 2012

I always like trying new things and who doesn’t like crepes? I notice they have a daily special but I opted for the chicken Teriyaki crepe before returning for a sweet crepe – vanilla choco cake. Both were delicious with the ingredients complementing each other. The crepes are more of a meal on the go. They’re in stark contrast to that served at Pancakes At Carillon, which is a personal favourite. However, bother offer a different experience, one a fast food type meal and the other a restaurant experience. I prefer Pancakes At Carillon but would still be happy to return to JJ Crepes for a quick meal, or dessert, on the go.