Four Seas – 29 Oct 2012

Cuisine: Chinese BBQ, Asian
Location: Perth CBD, Barrack St

Four Seas - Large Combination

Four Seas – Large Combination

Well after discovering a new part of Perth and visiting Took Bae Kee for lunch on Friday, I spied Four Seas across the road and was intrigued. I guess when you see Club X and AdultShop you immediately don’t keep looking over that side of the street! Unfortunate to be nestled in between those places and a TAB, Four Seas is a Chinese BBQ place that has food court style dishes with a buffet. Cheap food would appeal to the students and I was greeted by a friendly lady when I walked to the counter. There’s nothing special about the place and it was sparsely filled with Asians but as the day wore on, the office crowd filtered in shortly after 12pm and several are regulars judging by the chats with the staff. Once you’ve ordered, grab some cutlery or chopsticks and then a table. They do take away too and it’s cash only by the way.

I decided to try the $9 large combo with canned drink or bottled water. Bargain! It came with a serve of fried rice & noodles and then a choice of 5 dishes. I chose:

  • Sweet & sour pork – the pork was a bit tough and had too much batter. It was not crispy as it had been soaking in sauce.
  • Sweet & sour fish – good but too much batter and like the pork, not crispy as it too was soaking in the sauce.
  • Honey chicken – yum, nice honey flavour, crispy and crunchy. I loved it.
  • Black pepper chicken – lovely tender chicken, not very peppery though. Mild softish flavours.
  • Lemon grass beef – tender beef with enough lemon grass flavour so that it wasn’t overpowering. Simple dish but pretty good.

The fried rice was very simple but carried enough flavour. I also love Hokkien noodles so I lapped them up. I received a generous serve of food and it’s fantastic value. Left me full.

Four Seas Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m quite a sucker for deep fried food and my eyes lit up when I saw the honey chicken, sweet and sour pork and fish. The latter two dishes contained too much batter relative to the contents, but were okay with nice sweet and sour flavour. The honey chicken was crispy, crunchy, and had a lovely honey flavour. I really enjoyed it. The simple fried rice and Hokkien noodles were good and went well with the black pepper chicken and lemon grass beef. Simple dishes with enough flavour to get by. It’s a good cheap eat and obviously a favourite among the resident office crowd. Cash only.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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