Grill’d Brookfield Place – 23 Oct 2012

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Perth CBD, Brookfield Place (other locations also available including Shafto Lane)

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When the Aussie burger chain, Grill’d, opened up another location a few months ago at Brookfield Place, they released a buy one get one free dine in only offer for 3 days only. I hadn’t tried Grill’d and got a coupon but it seems everyone else had the same idea as the lines were stretching back from 11am, meant it was going to be a long long wait. I gave it a miss, very disappointed, as the menu really had my mouth watering. Well things have since quietened down so I met a mate and finally had lunch there.

Situated at Brookfield Place, Grill’d lies in a sunken area below the main level where the food court and other eateries exist. Their food philosophy is to provide healthy burgers, which means fresh produce with the burgers made fresh and grilled upon ordering, rather than a mass produced rubbery burger. At the entrance is the menu to peruse and once we decided what we wanted, we entered and walked to the counter where we placed our orders. The staff are very friendly and there’s options for your burger – wholemeal or panini (also gluten free option) with one of each on the front counter so you can see what you’re getting. We also shared a regular serve of chips and got a choice from 3 sauces or even all 3 which we chose. Another quirky feature was the provision of a bottle cap which you place in one of 3 slotted boxes, each representing a different charity. Quite interesting to see a store doing this and supporting the community in their own way. People also get to know about some of the charities out there and what they do.

We grabbed a number and took a table outside in the sunshine. There’s also plenty of seating inside too. I opted for the Crispy Bacon & Cheese which was served on a plate with a thick napkin. The burger presented well with a longish toothpick down the centre of the burger holding all the ingredients together. The wholemeal bun was nice and fresh with a moist meat patty surrounded by the salad and bacon, though not that crispy. The burger wasn’t oily and didn’t make much of a mess. I enjoyed the burger but found it rather underwhelming. It didn’t wow and was quite pedestrian. The large cut chips with herbs were another thing. While not the best chips I’ve eaten, nor the worst, they had their own unique flavour stamp, differentiated from all the other chips that have come before. The herbs add a lovely flavour with herbed mayo sauce (a bit plain), tomato relish (good), and a sweet chilli mayo (good) presenting another dimension. I prefer Alfred Kitchen’s bacon burger sans meat or Jus Burgers which delivered more flavour and taste. The other notable omission were the drinks – Jus Burgers do smoothies for example.

In addition to the beef burgers on the menu, they also have a range of chicken, lamb, and veggie burgers, plus steak sandwiches, salads, snack burgers and kids burgers.

Grill’d Food Review Summary

Verdict: Another burger joint serving up burgers with the freshest ingredients, made to order, Grill’d focus on providing healthy burgers. I enjoyed the flavours of the crispy bacon and cheese burger but found it quite pedestrian. It didn’t wow and in comparison to Jus Burgers or Alfred’s Kitchen, was left wanting on flavour and taste. I did enjoy the herbed chips which were unique and the dipping sauces were good too. Maybe another visit trying a different burger might bring a better taste experience.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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