JJ Crepes – 5 Oct 2012

Cuisine: Crepes
Location: Perth CBD, underground food hall @ Carillon City

At work we use Yammer, which is just like Facebook but for companies, as a great way to communicate and share ideas around. Of course, there are some groups set up which focus on non-work things like food, and I have to extend a thanks for introducing me to a new place to try – JJ Crepes. They’re located in the underground food hall at Carillon City, just around the corner from Thali and Satay Spot.

JJ Crepes are a Japanese creperie serving sweet and savoury crepes plus churros, smoothies and drinks. They’re cash only but the prices are around $5-7 mark. Talking to the lady serving there, Jj Crepes are a large franchise or network in Japan. I visited for lunch and ordered a chicken Teriyaki crepe. I watched closely as the lady poured a cup of mixture on to the hot metal plate and used this wooden instrument to spread the mixture all around in a circular motion. After cooking for a short time it was flipped to the other side where it remained for no more than 5 seconds before being transferred to a large chopping board. In the mean time, chicken Teriyaki had been warming in a skillet which was removed and transferred to a bowl. Over to the display window, and a neat pile of lettuce was placed at one end of the crepe, then stacked with tomato, Spanish onion, the chicken, squirted all round with mayonnaise and Teriyaki sauce, before being flipped and folded so the end result was a cone wrapped in paper and presented to you. Rather interesting to watch. I took my meal and found a seat and tucked in. The crepe was smooth and soft. The fresh crisp lettuce forming the salad complemented the chicken Teriyaki. An interesting mix of ingredients that combined perfectly in a crepe to form an enjoyable and filling meal. It’s a great quick meal for on the go.

Of course, I wasn’t done just yet. I returned and complemented the lady on a delicious meal and then ordered dessert – a Vanilla Choco Cake. I watched once again as the crepe was freshly made with the lady going through her routine in a methodical manner. I can see she has done this many times before, an art-form almost. Next, cream was sprayed out of a can on one end of the crepe, followed by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A small wedge of chocolate cake was placed close by and followed by chocolate sauce squirted all around before the crepe was flipped and wrapped up once again into a cone.

As a I walked down Murray Street mall, I bit into the warm soft crepe before getting a strong dense chocolate cake. I took another bite of crepe on the other end to get some cream and vanilla ice cream to take the edge of the denseness of chocolate. What a combination! Another indulgent treat. I polished that off and returned to work hoping my face wasn’t covered in chocolate sauce. Yum!

JJ Crepes Food Review Summary

Verdict: I always like trying new things and who doesn’t like crepes? I notice they have a daily special but I opted for the chicken Teriyaki crepe before returning for a sweet crepe – vanilla choco cake. Both were delicious with the ingredients complementing each other. The crepes are more of a meal on the go. They’re in stark contrast to that served at Pancakes At Carillon, which is a personal favourite. However, bother offer a different experience, one a fast food type meal and the other a restaurant experience. I prefer Pancakes At Carillon but would still be happy to return to JJ Crepes for a quick meal, or dessert, on the go.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

JJ Crepes Restaurant Details

Carillon City – JJ Crepes
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