Superstar Waffles – 30 Oct 2012

Cuisine: Dessert
Location: Northbridge, side plaza on William St

Superstar Waffles - Chocolate

Superstar Waffles – Chocolate

I have a more recent food review of Superstar Waffles here.

After discovering this gem of a place back in August, I had to visit Superstar Waffles again. Another afternoon get away for the team was in order. Fortunately, it didn’t rain despite the weather forecast, allowing a casual walk on a sunny day across the horseshoe bridge from the CBD into Northbridge.

Walking in, the place shed it’s Japanese styled theme and instead had gone halloween. I picked up the menu and was torn between all the choices. I tried the banoffee waffle last time, but today, I felt in the mood for chocolate waffles with whipped cream. After handing over $8.50, I walked to our table and sipped water while we chatted in the cosy surroundings, listening to timeless classics of the sort made popular by Michael Buble.

After a short wait, a lovely hot crispy waffle, smothered in chocolate sauce with a side of whipped cream was presented. The waffle has good depth and height, thick, crispy, and delightful. I savoured each bite and really loved the chocolate sauce. It wasn’t too chocolatey and sickening, but the perfect balance of chocolatiness to the dish. We thoroughly enjoy the waffles and must return again.

Superstar Waffles Food Review Summary

Verdict: Second time round and still as wonderful as the first. A fantastic waffle with ample chocolate sauce and whipped cream was my choice today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the balance of chocolate sauce to the dish. Not too rich or chocolatey, just right. I love this place and will be back to try the other varieties, slowly but surely. Cash only.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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