Took Bae Kee II – 26 Oct 2012

Cuisine: Korean BBQ
Location: Perth CBD, Barrack St

Took Bae Kee – Sides

When I used to work at the Bankwest Tower, to get out of the office I’d do a round along the Terrace, Barrack St, Murray St and then back down William St. Since I’ve moved to Raines Square, I needed some fresh air and decided to do my usual round till I changed my mind and explored a new part of Perth I hadn’t seen before. Down Barrack St heading towards Wellington St are more eateries, of which I visited one for lunch today, Took Bae Kee II, a Korean BBQ restaurant.

I entered and got a table for one, where the place was already packed and it was just past 12pm. I had a look through the menu which has a bunch of dishes I’ve not seen before. I’m not an expert on Korean, but there are a number of dishes done in a different style to what I’ve seen. One section, named after the restaurant itself, translates to clay pot (I asked). However, these were soup type dishes with beef tail or beef shin for example.

I decided to go for the sizzling meats and was interested in the hot and spicy pork. I asked the waitstaff how hot is hot so she offered a milder version instead. Along with the dish, I was also served a canister of steamed rice with the lid on, (top left) kimchi which is Korea’s national dish and this version was fermented cabbage in chilli paste, (top right) a refreshing salad, (bottom right) red beans, and (bottom left) a bean sprout salad.

Took Bae Kee - Hot & Spicy Pork

Took Bae Kee – Hot & Spicy Pork

A short while later, this sizzling hot plate with thinly sliced pork, onion and sesame seeds was presented. It was hot and stayed hot for a really long time. I think that masked the actual spiciness of the dish initially. Some parts were really spicy and had me sweating. The pork was really tender and tasty. The flavour was lovely and when you do get some pieces which aren’t too spicy, you can taste the flavours. It was really tasty and something quite different to what I’ve eaten before. It’s great to try new things. As for the sides, the kimchi did have a slight spiciness too with the chillies spread in the paste coating the fermented cabbage. The salad next door was a welcome relief, adding a real freshness and coolness to my mouth. The red beans are slightly sweet and provide a contrast to the other flavours of the meal. They’re a bit tough and chewy, but something about them just keeps you coming back for more. The bean sprout salad with grated carrot was also quite refreshing. They’re the perfect accompaniments to the really spicy pork. I also had a ginger and pear drink which I thought would be made fresh but was just a can. It was also tasty and refreshing, with lots of bits of ginger at the bottom of the can. Despite the restaurant having a wine list, they gave me a plastic glass with my canned drink which is a little tacky but maybe not for an Asian place. Obviously all the expats love it.

Took Bae Kee II Food Review Summary

Verdict: For just $13, the sizzling hot & spicy pork really lived up to it’s name – brought out on a sizzling hot plate, and definitely spicy considering I had the “mild” version. I shudder to think what the normal version is! Tender juicy slices of pork, flavour, spiciness, and a lovely accompaniment of sides to provide relief (thank goodness for those salads), provide more spice (those chilli specs in the kimchi), and some sweetness via the red beans. Along with the drink, it refreshed me and left me full and satisfied. Quite an interesting meal. Credit cards are welcome.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Took Bae Kee II Restaurant Details

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