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V Burger Bar - Chicken Deluxe

V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 28 Nov 2012

Oh I enjoyed all the burgers and am still split as to which one was the best. I liked the chips and onions rings but could be packed with more of their main ingredient – potato and onion. They also could be a little less oily. In terms of the burgers, there are a few key points to take away from the delicious burgers at V Burger Bar:

They look quite ordinary but are anything but.
The serving looks decent but the ingredients pack a punch.
Despite having 3 single quarters from 3 burgers (plus chips and onion rings), they make for a very filling meal.
The ingredients don’t look anything out of the ordinary you would find in a burger yet are somehow different to all the burgers I’ve eaten before.
The ingredients just work together and are carefully selected to ensure the flavours complement each other.
The burgers are just delicious.
And how about those delicious buns? Fantastic.

No one area dominates, there’s an even spread in deliciousness. A new contender for number one spot which I think they’ve taken out. Now which one of the 3 burgers would occupy top spot?

The Merrywell - Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles

The Merrywell @ Crown Perth – 22 Nov 2012

As a bar and while I’m not a drinker, I think the venue is excellent to catch up with friends over a few drinks. The food is not horrible but while trying to be quirky, it has lost direction. The fusion of flavours from different cuisines or different flavours did not come off as a master chef dish. Rather, it was an epic fail. I would loved to have had southern fried chicken or some version far closer to American roots without being like a fast food chain version. Same too for the ribs. I wouldn’t come here again. This is the most overhyped place. It’s a bar and it’s good at that but it will not be known for it’s food. Supposed dude food, yes some quirky dishes, more style than substance and overpriced. Go out on to the casino floor and you can order and pay for a drink and have it brought to you. Go into The Merrywell, and you have to go the bar and get it yourself, then line up at the entrance to place and pay for your food order. Something is not right here. I thought some of the dishes are overpriced for the quantity served. Even the restaurants in Perth’s CBD have prices that look better. I guess what they say is true about a casino, “the house always wins” – whether dining or betting.

BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger with Thick Cut Chips

Flipside Burger Bar – 21 Nov 2012

I really enjoyed the BBQ relish along with the flavoursome beef patty. This burger was delicious with plenty of generosity – packed with ingredients it made wrapping your mouth around it an effort. The beef patty is dense, meaty, tasty and well cooked. You certainly need to bring an appetite, as it’s a mission to finish this off. Don’t forget the delicious, crispy golden brown chips with it’s soft fluffy potato center. They go down a treat. Well worth the money and a filling meal. I didn’t require dinner. Yum.

The Burger Bistro - Beef Big Smoke

The Burger Bistro – 12 Nov 2012

Within the first bite I knew this was the burger I’ve been craving. Smokey flavour imparted into the juicy beef patty, the distinctive taste of bacon, melting cheese and BBQ sauce to top it off. I enjoyed every bite. The lightly toasted spelt sourdough bun was something different and enjoyable too. I enjoyed the lovely crisp soft fluffy chips. Well worth the money and a filling meal.

The Shack - Gourmet Burger with Swiss Cheese

The Shack – 10 Nov 2012

I really liked the open spaced venue which took on a real summer feel on a bright sunny day. The venue has a real inviting and relaxed vibe shared by the plain clothes staff but are anything but relaxed in their approach to service and customer care. I enjoyed the gourmet burger which had a tasty beef patty and I liked the melted Swiss cheese. It’s a simple burger, not exactly gourmet, but it delivers a solid result. I liked the hot crispy chips with their blend of interesting herbs. Good meal, great price.