Flipside Burger Bar – 21 Nov 2012

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Northbridge, William St (other locations too)

BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger with Thick Cut Chips

BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger with Thick Cut Chips

Today was the final stop on my burger crusade, lunch at Flipside Burger Bar. I waited till I had built up an appetite and then made the journey from the Perth CBD into Northbridge via the horseshoe bridge before walking one block and I was there. There were a few tables and chairs under a shaded umbrella outside, while inside was a smallish open area with a few tables and chairs towards the left, a few seats looking out the window, and a third section with chairs looking against a plain wall. But there were a few newspapers to keep you entertained. Some tunes with a quick beat played in the background in the plainish looking venue. I walked in and as it was about 1:30pm, was quite empty. I was greeted by a friendly guy at the counter and I placed my order of BBQ Bacon & Cheese burger with a small serve of thick cut chips. I was told it wold be about 10 minutes so I took a seat by the window and flicked through the newspaper. Aside from several beef burgers, they also have many chicken varieties and a couple of vegetarian options too.

After some time (wasn’t keeping track), one of the waitstaff brought out a silver bowl with thick cut chips which were a lovely golden brown colour, maybe a bit too golden brown. I think they were slightly overfried. My burger, however, wasn’t to be seen. That came a few minutes later. It was worth the wait. Talk about generous! At first glance one would notice the shrunken beef patty relative the bun but looks can be deceiving. In fact, the beef patty is a more than decent size but the bun, or should I say ciabatta roll, is actually much larger than the normal bun you would expect. It is packed with salad comprised of iceberg lettuce, tomato, and red onion, plus Flipside’s mayo. The “BBQ” in the burger name comes from the BBQ relish which was fantastic! This really was a differentiating feature / ingredient of the burger and turned it from just the standard plain old burger into something special. The beef patty was quite dense, meaty and full of flavour but it didn’t carry the smokey flavour of The Burger Bistro’s version of the Beef Big Smoke. Trying to wrap your mouth around all the contents in one bite is a challenge in itself but munching through the burger is a tasty and an enjoyable event. As I got towards the end where the quantity of ingredients had died down, I could finally taste the bacon which got lost among all the other flavours. Nicely cooked, you get that distinctive bacon flavour melded in with the slightly crunchy outside of the beef patty which too was well cooked. I also discovered melted cheese that had finally shown it’s face. The ciabatta roll holding all this in was tasty too.

Boy was I full and I had barely touched the chips. They just stood there looking delightful and were still hot. The smaller chips had gone too crispy because they were overfried. However, the thicker chips which had more potato in them, were fantastic! Perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. I’m not really a fan of chunky cut chips but I’ll make an exception as these went down a treat! They were slightly over salted but you could scrape off a bit of the salt and still enjoy it. I was truly packed which was a good thing I had a bit of a walk to get back to work.

Flipside Burger Bar Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really enjoyed the BBQ relish along with the flavoursome beef patty. This burger was delicious with plenty of generosity – packed with ingredients it made wrapping your mouth around it an effort. The beef patty is dense, meaty, tasty and well cooked. Flipside hit their mission of “…serving simple but generous tasty burgers that stand the test of time”. You certainly need to bring an appetite, as it’s a mission to finish this off. Don’t forget the delicious, crispy golden brown chips with it’s soft fluffy potato center. They go down a treat. Well worth the money and a filling meal. I didn’t require dinner. Yum.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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