The Shack – 10 Nov 2012

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St (just past Shafto Lane)

After my visit to Grill’d, work colleagues threw up their favourite burger joints, one being The Shack. So I ventured there this Friday for lunch and was met by quite a breezy, casual place that had all the relaxed atmosphere of a shack but something a lot more inviting than the real thing. I stood at the entrance for a moment trying to spot staff till I was immediately greeted by a plain clothes staff member who took me to a table. All the staff were unidentifiable and blended in with the patrons. The setting is very open and makes great use of the space. There are tables outside with umbrellas for shade whilst the inside has wooden tables and stools. Photographs of various well known spots in Perth several decades ago adorn the walls. To the side is the bar where the drink concoctions are made and orders paid for. The former site of the Spanish tapas, Fuche, has been well transformed.

The Shack - Gourmet Burger with Swiss Cheese

The Shack – Gourmet Burger with Swiss Cheese and Regular Chips

Within a few seconds of being seated, I was brought a menu and then asked by another waitstaff if I would like any drinks. The Shack is not just a burger joint but also a cocktail bar with beers and other alcoholic drinks available. They also hold events such as stand up comedy. I had a look through the menu (which includes beef, steak, lamb, pork, chicken and vegetarian options) and before I could look up someone was there to take my order. So far, the staff really seemed to enjoy their jobs working in a relaxed atmosphere but were far from relaxed in their approach, instead, very attentive without being noticed in the background. I decided to have the gourmet burger with Swiss cheese and regular chips. After a reasonable wait while the place buzzed with a relaxed tone most unlike a bar or restaurant I’ve been to (was I on a beach?), my meal was brought out.

The burger had a soft floured bun with a simple salad of tomato and baby spinach, red onions, aioli and tomato relish. The beef patty was well cooked with a slight pink tinge. After removing the skewer, one bite and there was a mess as juices from who knows where seeped out. Word of caution, before eating, take a serviette from the holder on the table. Well despite the mess, the burger was tasty. It was better than Grill’d and the patty had more flavour. The Swiss cheese had melted away and was a welcome addition. The chips were salted and herbed with an interesting mix of ingredients. They were nice and crisp, even right towards the end of my meal and were tasty. It was a pretty good burger but I have enjoyed better, however, for $14 all up, I think it’s more than worth it.

The Shack Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really liked the open spaced venue which took on a real summer feel on a bright sunny day. The venue has a real inviting and relaxed vibe shared by the plain clothes staff but are anything but relaxed in their approach to service and customer care. I enjoyed the gourmet burger which had a tasty beef patty and I liked the melted Swiss cheese. It’s a simple burger, not exactly gourmet, but it delivers a solid result. I liked the hot crispy chips with their blend of interesting herbs. Good meal, great price.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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