V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 28 Nov 2012

Cuisine: Burger
Location: East Victoria Park, Vic Park Village (also in Floreat)

V Burger Bar - Battered Chips

V Burger Bar – Battered Chips After I’ve Eaten Some On The Ride Home

V Burger Bar - Onion Rings

V Burger Bar – Onion Rings After I’ve Eaten Some On The Ride Home

I have a more recent food review of V Burger.

Well I thought I’d finished my recent burger travels but a few other restaurants have popped up, one being V Burger Bar. I dropped by for dinner and walked in to the smallish venue and was greeted by the friendly staff at the counter. You could tell they enjoyed working there as it showed in their demeanor. I placed a take-away order for 3 burgers (~$15 each); onions rings ($5); and battered chips ($4). With the Entertainment Book, you can get 25% off up to $15 with a voucher so that helped the back pocket. It took about 15 minutes for my order to be ready while I sat at the table and looked around. The surrounds are quite cosy and while the space isn’t large, there’s enough seating to enjoy a meal, but this place would fill up quickly on any given night I would imagine.

I had a 20 minute drive back home but due to the horrendous weather, it took at least half an hour. It’s the only time when driving that you hope you get a red light. Great chance to stick your hand in and grab some chips to munch on. That I did. The battered chips are as described, battered. The chips have a very golden brown colour, battered and deep fried to perfection. I really liked the crunchy chips but it didn’t appear that there was all that much potato as such in some of the chips. Maybe those were deep fried for too long. Either way, being a sucker for anything deep fried, I liked the chips but thought they could be improved. Flipside’s were a case in point – perfectly deep fried, but being thick cut allowed lovely soft fluffy potato to be enjoyed. I was pretty hungry and another red light came so I stuck my hand in the brown paper bag and into the box containing onion rings. It seems they’re more batter than onion but boy are they lovely! Nicely cooked so that the onion has lost it’s rawness, but perfectly deep fried that the golden brown batter goes down a treat. I kept munching away at a few more onion rings and chips along the way, mindful to leave enough for everyone else.

V Burger Bar - Chorizo

V Burger Bar – Pepperizo

Finally got home where everyone was really hungry. Being stuck in traffic is one thing, worse when you’ve got food and worse still when you’re hungry. I quickly pulled out all the burgers and took a knife to them so we could sample each of the 3 burgers. The onions rings also came with an aoili dipping sauce which was not bad. The chips and onion rings were still warm and very crispy. They were enjoyed by all. A little bit too greasy though. Each burger is a decent size. The buns do a great job of holding the ingredients in and while the burger doesn’t look packed with ingredients (looks ample), there appears a lot more than meets the eye. After tucking in, you realise after a while that they are quite filling and are generously filled without looking generous. They kind of sneak up on you.

I started with a beef burger (Pepperizo $14.50) which also contained two bits of fat chorizo in my quarter (the 3 burgers were divided into quarters to share amongst 4). The buns are nicely toasted on the outside but soft and spongy on the inside. Despite sitting in the car with me for 30 minutes, they weren’t soggy at all. The ingredients are fresh and everything about the burger just sang. I really loved the bun, the salad and sauce is lovely, the beef patty is delicious, and the distinctive smoky spicy taste of chorizo lingers in your mouth along with all the other flavours. Fantastic burger, what a start! I’ve now eaten several burgers and this looks like a contender for #1 spot. However, none carries the smoky flame grilled imparted flavour into their beef patty like The Burger Bistro’s version. This is going to be a tough one to judge.

V Burger Bar - Chicken Deluxe

V Burger Bar – V Chicken Deluxe

Next up was the V Chicken Deluxe ($15.50). Since I was getting 3 burgers to try I thought I’d try a chicken burger for the first time since I always go with beef. The chicken deluxe is a chicken fillet burger with bacon and Brie. At first when I looked at the burger and saw this white stuff oozing out I was horrified as I thought it was egg. I do not like eggs. Fortunately, it was the melted Brie. The chicken is well cooked and full of flavour working in tandem with the salty kick from the bacon and the salad and sauce. At first I thought there wasn’t much Brie in this burger till I got a bite with a reasonable amount. It was quite rich and delicious, which made me immediately realise they have got the balance perfect, not too much Brie to be overly rich, but not too little to tease. I don’t like it when a menu item advertises a particular ingredient and then hardly puts any of that ingredient in. But it’s not the case here. Another fantastic burger which was thoroughly enjoyed.

V Burger Bar - Blue Mushy

V Burger Bar – Blue Mushy

Last but not least, I finished with another beef burger – Blue Mushy ($15). However, this did not contain a beef patty, rather a perfectly cooked tender piece of steak. It’s served with grilled mushrooms that are soft and spongy and topped off with blue cheese which gives it’s distinctive, strong, back of the mouth, mouldy flavour. This burger is another example of the balance of flavours and the choice of ingredients. Just chucking random ingredients into a burger might work, but when playing with the flavours on offer here, it’s just perfect. A lovely meaty sauce forms the perfect partnership between the meaty steak and a great meat accompaniment, mushrooms. The blue cheese just ties all the ingredients together. Delicious once again.

Apart from the beef and chicken burger varieties on offer, they also have vegetarian varieties too which follow the meat varieties with something different in their carefully selected ingredients. V Burger Bar also has salads, mini snacks like a smaller burger with chips, and also have fish and chips. V Burger Bar are also opening a new store on Floreat so be sure to drop by and sample some of the best burgers you can eat.


V Burger Bar Food Review Summary

Verdict: Oh I enjoyed all the burgers and am still split as to which one was the best. I liked the chips and onions rings but could be packed with more of their main ingredient – potato and onion. They also could be a little less oily. In terms of the burgers, there are a few key points to take away from the delicious burgers at V Burger Bar:

  • They look quite ordinary but are anything but.
  • The serving looks decent but the ingredients pack a punch.
  • Despite having 3 single quarters from 3 burgers (plus chips and onion rings), they make for a very filling meal.
  • The ingredients don’t look anything out of the ordinary you would find in a burger yet are somehow different to all the burgers I’ve eaten before.
  • The ingredients just work together and are carefully selected to ensure the flavours complement each other.
  • The burgers are just delicious.
  • And how about those delicious buns? Fantastic.

No one area dominates, there’s an even spread in deliciousness. A new contender for number one spot which I think they’ve taken out. Now which one of the 3 burgers would occupy top spot?
Price: Reasonable (Note: even better with 2012 Entertainment Book Voucher 25% off up to $15)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

V Burger Bar Restaurant Details

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