Choux Cafe – 21 Dec 2012

Choux Cafe - Quiche

Choux Cafe – Four Cheese Quiche

Cuisine: French, patisserie
Location: Swanbourne, short walk from train station

Choux Cafe - Selection

Choux Cafe – Tarte du Jour and Jools

Given I was in Nedlands and stopped off at Bilby’s Chargrilled Burgers for lunch, I wasn’t far from Emmanuel Mollois’ Choux Cafe so I decided to make a visit. I must have last visited Choux Cafe nearly a year to the day but this time, I arrived much later into the afternoon. Walking in to the small, cosy but breezy cafe, I was disappointed to see the display cabinet very bare. On my last visit I particularly relished the four cheese quiche and was hoping to pick up more than one slice up given it was so good. The lady behind the counter greeted me as I had a good look at what was available. I’d mentioned the four cheese quiche to her and she said, yes, he (Emmanuel) is very good with his quiches but we keep changing the offerings. What a shame! I was so disappointed. How can you change a winning formula? That four cheese quiche was so good I can’t understand how it could be removed from the menu.

In a state of shock, I had to quickly reassess what I was to get so I chose a favourite from last time – a blueberry tart or tarte du jour I believe the name was. I also chose this round spherical looking dessert with a gloss which seemed very intriguing – jools – I think. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo at the time or shortly after arriving home and so when I decided to snap the creations, it looked as if I sat on the jools for it had sunk! Sorry about that.

The jools is an interesting creation. The dessert seems like a glazed outer icing encasing a strawberry mousse which is absolutely divine, sitting atop a lovely thin pastry base. I loved this dessert. Fantastic!

The tart de jour appears to be the same dessert I had last time but it didn’t taste as good, unless I’m confusing this selection with another item I got last time. The pastry is soft and tasty and the blueberries on top under that glaze are lovely, but the almond meal filling is a little dry.

Choux Cafe is not just a cafe to drop in and enjoy a savoury or sweet treat. They also offer catering; various savoury items such as quiches, baguettes, pies, soups, pate; fresh breads and similar type pastries such croissant; logs; macaroons; and biscuits. All items are handmade such as breads, mayonnaise, tapenade, pesto, crème patissière. You can see the amount of care and attention that goes into everything that is made. If you’re a fan of Emmanuel Mollois, he also has a cookbook available at Dymocks – “et voila” and probably has written a few more since.

Choux Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: I didn’t care much for the tarte du jour but the jools was fantastic! I absolutely loved the strawberry mousse center which was light and airy and full of flavour. It was a lovely late afternoon snack.
Price: Bargain ($12.20 for the 2 items)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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