Pancakes At The Carillon – 20 Dec 2012

Pancakes At Carillon - Tabriz

Pancakes At Carillon – Tabriz

Cuisine: Pancakes
Location: Perth CBD, Carillon City Arcade

It’s been a couple of years since I last ate at Pancakes At Carillon but things have changed. From the old original interior with wooden booths in a dark restaurant, the venue has undergone a makeover to bring it up to the 21st century. Now neat and modern, bright and open, even with a slender LCD TV hanging on the wall, the restaurant is far more inviting. They have still kept a bit of the old identity of the restaurant with a few booths still scattered around the restaurant, but modernised.

We were having a team lunch before Christmas and decided to go for pancakes. It was quite packed upon arriving at 12:40pm so it’s a good thing I made a booking where an empty table awaited our presence. After looking through the menu I decided to order something new:

  • For mains, an entree serve of Tabriz – French Crepes filled with tender low fat ground beef, cooked in red wine, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum and our special herbs then topped with out home made tomato sauce. (entree) $15.90 (mains) $20.90
  • For dessert, the Hot ‘n’ Troppo – Chunky walnuts roasted in butter syrup, mixed with grilled banana over two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, vanilla ice cream and cream. Finished with chocolate sauce and dusted with icing sugar. $15.50
Pancakes At Carillon - Hot 'n' Troppo

Pancakes At Carillon – Hot ‘n’ Troppo

In my prior visits I have loved their sweet and savoury pancakes and was hoping for more of the same. It took quite a long time for our meals to be served from the kitchen which was a little disappointing but the restaurant was packed. By the way, an entree serve of mains means you are served one crepe instead of the usual two. It’s a good option when you want to squeeze in dessert. All savoury pancakes are served with a garden salad and an Italian vinaigrette. The salad is delicious and tangy with the dressing provided. The crepe is nice and thin but encases it’s contents without being too thin that it starts to split and spew out. It did appear to be slightly burnt as per the picture but I didn’t detect any burnt taste. The minced beef was soft and tender and the red wine flavour was more than evident. The other ingredients combined well and I enjoyed the flavour combination. That’s what I like about this restaurant – their savoury pancakes aren’t just a bunch of savoury options but carefully thought out and tested flavour combinations. In comparison to the French bistro I dined at the other night, Bistro Felix, this French styled crepe delivered more flavour than the confit duck. The tomato sauce in the middle of the pancake rounds it all out with a sweetness from the tomato to balance the richness of the red wine. Delicious!

By now things had quietened down in the restaurant but service seemed disappointing. We sat for quite some time without our plates being cleared. We finally managed to get the attention of the waitstaff to place a few dessert orders. The waitress asked if we would like our plates cleared which is a rhetorical question – of course! We need some room on the table for dessert! A slightly disappointing aspect of the visit but not on the scale to leave a bad aftertaste. I patiently waited and my dessert was presented. Certainly looks appetising and it certainly tasted as good as it looks! The pancakes were very soft and fluffy with a slight salty kick to accentuate the flavour of the pancakes. Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce with pancakes – what more can I say? Makes it so yum! The grilled bananas were something different and I thought a little odd when I read the menu description but it offers a different textural element. It’s soft and has a slightly muted sweetness. It’s presence is obvious once you eat the crunchy and rich walnuts. Each of the elements work together providing different textures and flavours but working to counteract each other so the flavours are kept balanced. It’s such a delicious dessert and became hard to finish off towards the end but one can’t let good food go to waste and I polished it off. Fantastic end to a delicious lunch.

Pancakes At The Carillon Food Review Summary

Verdict: After returning to one of my favourite restaurants, the venue’s interior may have changed but not the delicious food on offer. They make sweet or savoury pancakes a delight to eat with excellent flavour combinations and balance from the ingredients chosen. The French themed Tabriz was another example of deliciousness with a lovely red wine flavour shining through the tender beef mince and sweetness from the tomato sauce balancing the richness of the dish. The tangy garden salad provides a balance from the protein and I like the dressing which livens up the salad. The Hot ‘n’ Troppo is delightful with lovely fluffy pancakes with a slight salty flavour, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce providing more deliciousness, and then the richness and crunch of the walnuts offset by the soft and slightly sweet bananas. Absolutely yum!
Price: Reasonable (entertainment book has coupon for 25% off the food bill up to $25)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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