Stones Pizza – 6 Dec 2012

Stones Pizza - Mixture

Stones Pizza – Devine Lamb, Margherita, The Herbivore

Cuisine: Pizza
Location: North Perth (& Canningvale)

It seems to have been a very long time since our last quarterly away day at work, but time has flown past. After the first half of the day in conferences, the late afternoon was spent at Rockface, an indoor rock climbing venue. I didn’t think I’d be much good but I had a go and found out pretty quickly I sucked! Made it about a meter up the wall and realised that’s as far as I’d be going. Talk about a kick in the guts to the enthusiasm of the event! Ah well, I instead partnered up and made sure my climbing buddy made it up and down the walls safely.

Stones Pizza - Devine Lamb

Stones Pizza – Devine Lamb

Stones Pizza - Pepperoni & Cheese

Stones Pizza – Pepperoni & Cheese

After working up quite a sweat after a few hours, the gathering of colleagues were hungry and food had been organised. One of the ladies lives around the area and swears by Stones Pizza so a heap of pizza’s were delivered to the venue for us to enjoy. Plenty to choose from, the pizza’s disappeared pretty quickly among the hungry crowd but I did manage to snap a few pics of the various pizza’s on display and sample 6 varieties too.

Stones Pizza - Buttered Fun Guy

Stones Pizza – Buttered Fun Guy

Stones Pizza - Portofino

Stones Pizza – Portofino

The pizza base was very thin, light, and a bit floppy. Surprisingly, the base is made from wholemeal flour which you can’t detect. Certainly not heavy, ample ingredients without overcrowding the pizza, the pizza’s went down nicely. Lovely flavours, there was something different about these pizza’s. Looking at Stones Pizza website, their blurb is “Stones Pizza is what happens when chefs open a pizza shop” – yes, this is certainly reflected in their pizza’s. Carefully chosen ingredients with great flavours complementing each other. This isn’t another run of the mill pizza joint throwing a bunch of ingredients together on a pizza with some fancy name. The flavours are evident and is a differentiating factor. A case in point is the buttery flavour in the mushrooms of the “buttered fun guy” – fantastic. As I didn’t order the pizza’s and have no idea of the names, I’ve attempted to match the pictures I took against those shown on the website so apologies if I’ve got the names completely wrong. One called “mushroom” is a pizza I couldn’t match but contained large portobello mushrooms. Here’s a quick run down of the 6 varieties I enjoyed:

  • The Herbivore – vegetarian but delicious, the black Spanish olives really shine through and sweetcorn on a pizza? Yes, they managed to pull it off.
  • Margherita – the freshness of the juicy tomato is a breath of fresh air and the bocconcini perfectly complements the tomato. I love bocconcini.
  • Devine Lamb – the lamb is tender and has a lovely herbed flavour of oregano and mint. I really enjoyed the unique flavours this pizza offered.
  • Buttered Fun Guy – vegetarian but this was the best of them all! The two main flavours are the garlic butter and fresh mushrooms. Feels like they’ve injected the mushrooms with a strong shot of buttery flavour with just that hint of garlic to round things off. A little bit rich so don’t eat too much of this but it’s hard to resist. Fantastic!
  • Honey Roasted Ham – the gentle sweetness of the honey is infused into the ham and with pineapple, makes the perfect partner in crime.
  • Mushroom – not sure the exact name of this pizza but it contained large portobello mushrooms with thin slices of bacon which worked a treat.

I was comfortably full after 6 slices and didn’t try the Portofino or the Pepperoni & Cheese. Pizza’s a universal favourite and I enjoyed the unique offerings of Stones Pizza. A great finish to the day.

Stones Pizza - Mushroom?

Stones Pizza – Mushroom?

Stones Pizza - Honey Roasted Ham

Stones Pizza – Honey Roasted Ham

Stones Pizza Food Review Summary

Verdict: It helps when you’re hungry and the food is tasty as you really savour and relish the flavours. The wholemeal pizza bases are light, thin, floppy and tasty, yet you wouldn’t think they’re wholemeal. I enjoyed the unique flavour combinations of the carefully put together pizza’s. The standout for me was the butter infused flavour within those mushrooms with the hint of garlic on the “Buttered Fun Guy”. I also throughly enjoyed the “Devine Lamb” pizza with tender lamb pieces in an excellent oregano and mint marinade. I really enjoyed the pizza’s which were a little different to what I’ve eaten previously.
Price: Reasonable (prices range ~ $15 – $20ish)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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